Will you buy the new Xbox at launch?

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Walker1950d ago

Nope, i will buy PS4 at launch !

aceitman1950d ago

With the problems the 360 had at launch I'll pass , I'll get the ps4 1st I might not need to get the new Xbox if the ps4 holds strong . If I want get the new one it will be at least 6 -9 months making sure they have no issues.

Eyeco1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I don't think it's fair to assume that the Next Xbox will suffer the same hardware issues as the 360. People seem to forget that the PS2 also had pretty abysmal hardware although no where near as epic as the 360's that said it never stopped people buying the PS3 at launch or buying the PS3 period, did the PS3 suffer from poor hardware like its predecessor ? no it didn't.

Another thing is the 360 was clearly rushed into the market to capitalize on the generation before the PS3's release, It shouldn't have been released for another year, I mean just look at the amount of issues it had.

Overall I'm not sure I'm gonna buy either console at launch mainly due to the fact that there are plenty of games this generation that I've yet top play and plan on backtracking on. maybe a year after launch I'll consider buying a next gen console.

OhMyGandhi1950d ago

totally agree. I'm on my third xbox after the other two RRODed on me. Not going anywhere NEAR the new console until I know for sure that it's not going to explode in my face.
I swear it's like the damned Hurt Locker when turning the thing on.

EVILDEAD3601950d ago

If Microsoft comes through with even the rumored specs and delivers a great console I'm there at launch.

If the Xbox is BC and your Xbox Live account with your achievements friends list and XBLA games comes along with it, the 720 is going to fly off shelves on the strength of the core 360 install base alone.

If Kinect 2.0 is a true upgrade an MS shows its worth it for the casuals, MS is going to due the WIi numbers that Nintendo left behind.

This is going to be a two way race with Sony winning the hardware numbers because Japan will never by an American console again.

But when it comes to software MS will enjoy mass success because their software has never catered to the east outside of multi-plats and a few exclusives.

Both consoles have the potential to be very successful.


Bigpappy1950d ago

If I were to answer this, that would be admitting that E3 means nothing to me. That would be incorrect. I will give both companies a chance to sell me their product. Talk to me after E3 and I might have a better answer.

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rezzah1950d ago

Makes as much sense as me giving you a bubble because you said "well said".

1950d ago
PraxxtorCruel1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I won't be buying neither of them simply because when launched the catalog of games is so poor and pathetic by the time there's actually something worth playing they have revised the original product to make it more sleek, energy efficient and generally a lot more eye catching.

otherZinc1950d ago

Yes, absolutely, Day 1 buy!
This is why:

I have the same gamertag for the last 10 years

I have a friends list of 99, most for 10 years

My entire library will transfer as XBOX 1 did to 360

My LIVE games will transfer as well

*The games will be backwards compatible that are already in my Gaming Library. This statement is the only one in question. However, since M$ didnt use a strange technology with its 360, emulation for old games should be very easy.

M$ built an online structure 3 years before the XBOX 1 was at retail, So we all know 720 will be integrated with original XBOX Live features & functionality.

People think we were born yesterday:
PS1 had issues, remember? When buying a PS1 you had to have the correct one because the failure rate of the initial console was terrible. We all bought 2.

PS2 had the terrible "Blue Disk Read Error"

PS3 has the "yellow light of death"
PS3 Also has the new Slim where the eliminated backwards compatibility. This allowed SONY to charge for remakes of games you already purchased. Now the PS4 will do the same, people will say they dont want to play PS3 games on the PS4 but they'll buy the HD Remakes...

PS4 wont even transfer the PS3 PSN information & games...WTF is that??? Please, thats terrible.

So yes, I'm buying 720 Day 1.

GiggMan1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

And if all your friends buy PS4's you can make new friends. :-)

I'll buy if they were launched months apart... If both launch around the same time I'm leaning towards the PS4 even though I don't know what MS has up their sleeve.

kayoss1950d ago

How can you say you will buy a console without knowing its spec or any detail about it? I've became a Sony fan this gen but I wouldn't jump the gun and go buy a console without knowing any info about it. At least for the ps4 we all know some details about.
Yes all consoles has some sort of failure but the Xbox 360 was the worst of any console released.
You do understand the reasoning for the slim right? It's to cut cost and get your facts straight. Backward comparability was removed before the slim was even release to cut cost. Those re-releases are Hd versions and you have the choice to rebuy it, no one forcing you.

TheSurg1950d ago

I remember ps1 and all my friends who had one had to put the damn thing upside down to make it read discs...was replacing laser several times. My ps2 broke down after 2 months of usage...ofcourse disc reading problems too. Whoever says those consoles had no problem never owned one. It was even worse than xbox360 launch version...way worse.

WhatchaTalkinBout1950d ago

lolol your quick to point out the ylod on the ps3.. but you failed to mention the massive RROD that microsoft had, which was much more of a issue for microsoft, than ylod was for sony
also i like to know your proof where you got that psn wont transfer over to the ps4, you can transfer profile over to the ps4 aswell as ps3 and vita, there all linked

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tachy0n1950d ago

its too early to determine, stop being sheep.

FunkMacNasty1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Really this is a question for turds, is is not? We have NO confirmed specs yet--only rumors for the next Xbox. Therefore the only people who will be definitively saying "YES i will buy it at launch" or "No I wont buy it at Launch" are total fanboys. How can you defiinitvely know, before you KNOW actual specs of a console, that you are going to buy it at launch? Only if your a drone for brand loyalty..

rezzah1950d ago

Forget specs, no games have been mentioned.

The games define the console.

Ben121949d ago


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DivineAssault 1950d ago

no effin way! PS4 all the way!

The Meerkat1950d ago

The momentum certainly seems to be with Sony.

But anyone who would choose a side at this stage is a fanboy.

I'm going to wait until all the cards are on the table before making my choice.

xPhearR3dx1950d ago

Well of course, Sony has announced their next-gen system while Microsoft is staying quite. Once the next Xbox is announced all the momentum will shift to them until Sony reveals more on the PS4.

Ezz20131950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

sony will be in E3 too
showing the hardware and new games and the games we already saw

so MS "momentum" will be very very short
only for few hours untill sony show what it else it got in E3

i think sony put MS in very hard place

SatanSki1950d ago

You talk with a reason and still get deisagrees hehe. People are soooo damn stupid.

rezzah1950d ago

It isn't always an act of fanboyism, but can be easily seen as such.

Cocozero1950d ago

Considering what Sony has shown so far I will definitely be going with the next xbox MS would have to show something epically bad to make me think otherwise.

Better graphics just aren't enough anymore.

dc11950d ago

Your under-appreciation of what Sony has shown so far is antithetical to a every developer comment on record, any real gamer (who's not afraid of owning and PS3 and an Xbox) and your childhood's imagination.

If your finances and/or current loyalties sides you with MS then so be it.

Just stop the unnecessary slight at each turn on the road and look forward to the next piece of information from MS.

If I have wronged you then please provided some specifics and I will do the reply.

Happy gaming :)

Vaud-Villian1950d ago

Taste is subjective and one does not need to follow a crowd mentality, stifling independent opinion thank you very much.

dc11950d ago

@ Caud-Villian

My comment wasn't an argument around taste.
It was statement centered around:
- Measurable advancement based on current industry standards that were praised by industry experts.

I appreciate your comment.

1950d ago
Good_Guy_Jamal1950d ago

No. I'm not buying the ps4 at launch either but probably will buy it down the line when the price is right. Same goes for the next box, as long as they don't have any always online and no used games nonsense.