Five Things We Want from Star Wars: First Assault

Paul from Denkiphile: "Gamers and Star Wars fans alike are excited for Star Wars: First Assault, a possible upcoming first-person shooter that was initially scheduled to be made available this spring as a download on unconfirmed platforms. Allegedly intended to be the predecessor for Star Wars: Battlefront III (which was unfortunately scrapped), First Assault may or may not see the light of day due to Disney’s acquisition of LucasArts, which has left executives in pensive thought on how to go about using the Star Wars property. Earlier this week, a twenty-six second clip of in-game footage showing rebels against stormtroopers was leaked on the interwebs that is unsurprisingly being taken down from any website. Right off the bat, First Assault appears to have a Halo-y and Call of Duty-ish vibe to it. Of the thing we want to see from it, a few are derived from the beloved Star Wars: Battlefront series, assuming of course that we actually get to play it someday."

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cl19832013d ago

1 through five should all be the game being released.

UnitSmiley2013d ago

"Simply put, there is yet to be a first-person shooter with a dedicated cover system"

Killzone 2