Video game sales stumble in February

The struggles of the retail video game market continue.

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4lc4pon32012d ago

i dont buy any of my games at retail stores. All my shopping is done online with good reason. I hate the 65.00 prices.

I ended up pre ordering gears judgement on newegg who does not charge tax. The game was 59.98 and had a 20.00 off code so I got gears judgement with 3 day shipping for $40.98

Its all about money and who ever is giving the best deal. Thats were im going

MNGamer-N2012d ago

I agree. Sometimes when I go to a store, I peek at the games and some are going for $40+, and you can find the same game on ebay (new) for cheap. Why would I intentionally gouge myself? I feel bad for unsuspecting customers who don't know any better.

tweet752011d ago

expect retail gaming sales to keep dropping as gamers get more comfortable with digital gaming.