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Larry from DJ Podcasts writes "With the release of Darksiders Resurrection gamers get to relive a blast from the past, a taste of pure nostalgia. DR is a two in one re-release of Darkstalkers 3 and Darkstalkers Revenge that harkens back to a time when character tiers didn’t matter and combos were yours to discover. Seemingly simple to play, true mastery comes from understanding that even weaker characters can win as long as you know their combos and the game has proven not only to be a blast from the past a true reminder of the fun that can be had in fighting games."

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Godchild10201892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Hoe can you trust this review and the reviewer when he can't even get the title of the game right? Not that the score of the review is bad, just the title of the game is incorrect.