Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchOn Demo

At the New York launch event at Radio City Music Hall, Samsung unveiled its Samsung Galaxy S4. Check out this exclusive video demo of the smartphone's new WatchOn technology.

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creHEARTive1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

thumbs up for Big Bang Theory!

hammersuit1862d ago

Time to trade in the iPhone? Nah...

Neko_Mega1862d ago

Should, IPhones are overprice because they have the name "Apple" on them.

Plus its sad that Apple made the IPhone 5 and later had updates for their old IPhones to do about the same as IPhone 5 (Seems kind of a dumb move). They took away the reason to get a newer phone.

But I'm sold on Sony's Xperia Z, its water proof and thats something that all smart/Iphones should have.

smikey11231862d ago

this belongs on techspy not n4g

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