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EuroGamer Germany: "Even if the puzzles are a bit uneven in their quality, it is still one of the best hack and slash games around. In the past this series managed to elevate itself from other solidly entertaining games of that ilk a bit better, with all the glorious set-pieces and awe-inspiring moments. These are harder to find in Ascension, though. But what did you expect, when the gods themselves have already been felled? Still, this was a lot of fun, but the next God of War better have some really interesting ideas, if it wants us to really marvel at it again."

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Jek_Porkins1897d ago

Good game, waiting for the difficulty patch before finishing though.

grayfoxx8811897d ago

I wouldn't worry about it. I went into the Trial of Archemedes expecting the worst. The actual difficulty is a far cry from what some reviewers and players are saying. Give it a try!

Jek_Porkins1897d ago

I've tried a dozen or so times, I'm not a great gamer, just average... It's tough for me.

MeatAbstract1897d ago

Not updated any patches yet and got my 'Bros before Hos' trophy earlier. 'EHMERGERD I ERM SUR OFFENDERD!'

Great game. Delivers on what you expect from God of War really.

NBT911897d ago

I've yet to get Ascension, but it looks to me like the reason it isn't scoring quite as high as GOW3 did is that it isn't as "epic" as GOW3 was.

It seems to rely more on an actual plot rather than viciously killing enemies the size of mountains.

HarryMasonHerpderp1897d ago

This is a much better review than the UK Eurogamer review.
They give a lot of fair points.
It's better than IGN's too.