PSLS PlayList: March 16th & 17th, 2013 – Ascending Edition

God of War: Ascension’s launch hasn’t been the smoothest for a game in the acclaimed series. Sure, it received some encouraging reviews, but the controversy surrounding the ‘Bros before Hos‘ trophy caused them to change it to ‘Bros before Foes’. Then, after advancing in the game, many people complained of the extreme difficulty found within the Trial of Archimedes, leading Sony Santa Monica to start working on a patch.

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dbjj120882016d ago

I'll probably play some Sound Shapes DLC this weekend.

Wedge192016d ago

Hmm, it's a reviews weekend for me.

MightyPatapon2016d ago

You've offered me, you better change that post.

No, just kidding, I have no morals.

knifefight2016d ago

That is one heck of an elaborate chain-up configuration they've got on Kratos up there.