What SimCity Has Taught Us About Review Scores

The fallout of the SimCity DRM debacle hit somewhere rare: review scores. The game showed how much review scores did not matter as troubles continued. So what does that mean ultimately?

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WolfLeBlack2013d ago

Just thought I'd copy and past the comment I made on the website in response to a user in the hopes that it might spark an interesting discussion. Love to hear your thoughts, boys and gals!

"To me a review is always based upon the product handed to the reviewer at time. While the reviewer can mention that the flaws within the game can be patched, the reviewer cannot rely on fixes that may or may not even arrive, and so their opinion must be formed on what is in front of them at the tme

When I read a review, I assume it's based upon the product that the reviewer had in his or her hands at time of writing, not what it could potentially be in the future.

For example, let's say I reviewed XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I do write game reviews, but never had the time to cover it when it first release. Still, it's a good example, I reckon. In the game there's quite a lot of glitches in regards to line of sight etc. that can cause some unfair loses and general irritation. Now, if I was reviewing it at the time of launch, I could have simply ignored those problems because, "They'll likely be fixed within a week or two" and never mentioned them. The problem is, they were never fixed, which would have rendered the review rather untruthful as I failed to mention a fairly annoying problem. Of course XCOM isn't a perfect example as those problems wouldn't be enough to make me give it a low score, but still, you get what I mean.

Or how about Amy? That's the worst game I've ever played. I could give it a 5/5, saying that it'll be great when they've released a couple of dozen patches! Except it isn't, and never will be.

To me, a review is based upon the product handed to the reviewer, not upon what the product could potentially be some time down the line.

Hopefully I got my point across in a decent manner. If not, I've had not sleep in three days - have mercy :D"