Nvidia GeForce 314.21 Beta Driver Released, Fixes Tomb Raider For All Nvidia Users

DSOGaming writes: "At long last, Nvidia has released a new driver that comes with stability and performance improvements for Tomb Raider on all NVIDIA GeForce GPUs."

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1862d ago
john21862d ago

There is a 10-14fps performance boost on a GTX690. Previous average FPS was 80fps (1080p with Ultimate settings), with these new drivers the average is 94fps

SITH1861d ago

I almost bought this game for my PC. I have a 690 also. I decided to rent it on gamefly for the 36o. It looks good there but I bet it is straight beast on the PC.

chukamachine1862d ago

Do these drivers work in the PS4, oops I forgot you missed out.

chcolatesnw1862d ago

no no these drivers are for the gaming that is supposed to be, not some low end low jack console gaming. u ppl and ur 640p and 25 fps vsynced but still tearing, how sorry i feel for you

nirwanda1862d ago

I feel sorry for all the pc users having to update all their hardware once the 720 hits and brings with it a new version of DX with HSA.
In the same way most pc games are DX9 at the moment for easy cross platform conversions.

Letros1862d ago

Uhh DX9 was out before Xbox 360, don't expect anything higher than DX11.1 on 720.

nirwanda1862d ago

@letros and dx10 came out a year after the 360 came out so why would 360 games be programmed in dx10

Muffins12231862d ago

Even if it came with dx11 most games would not run in dx11 due to the fps drop

chcolatesnw1862d ago

"I feel sorry for all the pc users having to update all their hardware once the 720 hits and brings with it a new version of DX with HSA."
That is how we know you are an idiotic, mindless console fanboy. We don't HAVE to update jack shit for 5-6 years, just like consoles. My friends 8800GTX runs every new game with at least medium-high settings at 1080p and 30fps. Aside from the 30 fps, everything is a hell of a lot better than console version of the games. Hell even bf3 he was running on medium settings at 45fps locked. And crysis 3 same medium settings but 30fps vsynced.
But sure, enjoy the ease of use of a console because thats the only advantage it has over a desktop. Everything else is dreamed up shit by fanbots like you.

Letros1862d ago

You said we have to change our hardware for upcoming DX in Xbox, but we didn't have to change anything after 360, so you should only feel sorry for yourself for being dumb.

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Allsystemgamer1862d ago

I wasn't aware the ps4 could do 100fps

ThatEnglishDude1862d ago

Is this a WHQL version of the beta drivers released shortly after the game, or are these entirely new drivers completely?

cannon88001862d ago

What about the tessellation problem with nvidia cards? Is that issues resolved as well?

CGI-Quality1862d ago

That was mainly addressed with Nixxes' patch.

cannon88001862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

I installed the new beta drivers from nvidia and it seems to be working just fine now with tessellation turned on. No more weird screen glitches.

AKS1861d ago

For some it's working I guess. Not for me. I still got the restart crash with tessellation on. 2x GTX 670 4GB SLI setup. 314.21 and latest patches. Tessellation still causes crashes for me, and I'm still not entirely sure why adaptive v-sync isn't working for me.

It's fairly stable for me without tessellation. TressFX doesn't seem worth the performance hit currently. I think they still need to do a bit of work on this game.

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