Naruto Storm 3: Special Announcement, CC2 CEO Coming to USA

Hiroshi Matsuyama, the president and CEO of CyberConnect2 has a special announcement to reveal later this month.

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tayz1145d ago

i pray for edo kage, gin/kin, or 7 swordsmen dlc!!

Snookies121145d ago

Yeah, if not them, it better make up for us NOT getting them. Although I'm not sure what it could be. o_o

animegamingnerd1145d ago

most likely the rumor steam version of the game that got leaked yesterday

Snookies121145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Ah dang, didn't even think about that. If so, I might have to pick it up sometime, just to see about anti-aliasing options and whatnot. Storm 3 was pretty, but it had so much jaggedness to it. (Although I'm more of a PC gamer, so I might be bias there lol.)

tayz1145d ago

PC version!?! pishhh!! i want more characters. lol but i know it will be dlc costumes lol.

HmongAmerican1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

That is the only complaint I had with this game. They are in the game but unplayable is a disgraces to all the fan. I knew I shouldn't had rush to buy it. All the other characters not counting the Edo tensei are basically have the same move set and combo.

Sonyslave31144d ago

PC version ftw bring on the modz gonna make Sting n Rogue *-__-*

PS4isKing_821144d ago

Maybe it's a wiiU port with link as a playble character? :) I can sorta see link mixing in well with the naruto world. Probably won't happen but would be cool I think if it did.

Sarobi1144d ago

I'm hoping it's a Steam release (or anything that isn't costume related)

exfatal1144d ago

Hoping for a wii u release im pretty sure Nintendo and Namco have a great relationship, would love to see it happen

Realplaya1144d ago

Yes I am with you on that one.

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