GR Radio 69: Heh, 69 - Can the Next Xbox beat the PS4?

Show Notes:

Panel: Anthony_Severino, Alex_Osborn, Daniel Bischoff

What are you playing?:
Anthony: Tomb Raider; Daniel: Lego City Undercover, SimCity; Alex: Zilch

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GameRevolution Tells:
How can the Next Xbox beat the PS4?

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JonnyBigBoss2018d ago

Absolutely not!!

Just kidding. I have no idea.

dbjj120882018d ago

I'm not 100% sure either, but I like that Sony is "all about the gamers."

Skips2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Microsoft - "Xbox isn't a gaming console. Xbox is a family entertainment center."


Sony - "We’re All About the Gamers"

I think I have an idea which console I'm getting.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2018d ago

Im interested to see if the PS4 comes out first and has all the online bells and whitles like party chat ect free to use on ps4 and steam box.. how many will defect from XBL? its gonna be interesting to see.

Sev2018d ago

This who the pope really should have been.

adorie2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

In the name of the Dual Shock,the Kaz and the Holy 8GB GDDR5.

ftwrthtx2018d ago

Downloading it to my phone now so i can listen this afternoon.

TrendyGamers2018d ago

Daniel has a double dose of City's this week.

Tito082017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Says the biggest excuse of a fanboy journalist, Alex Osborn! And I'm not surprised you posted it since your in the podcast!

dbjj120882018d ago


To win over the hearts and minds of your competitors fanboys.

doctorstrange2018d ago

Fanboys will never be converted, but they may commit suicide.

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The story is too old to be commented.