Nvidia compares PS4 specs to a 'low-end CPU'

TechRadar: "Compared to gaming PCs, the PS4 specs are in the neighborhood of a low-end CPU, and a low- to mid-range GPU side," said Nvidia's Tony Tamasi to TechRadar.

As Nvidia's senior vice president of content and development, he sees the PS4's specs as outdated, even today.

"If the PS4 ships in December as Sony indicated, it will only offer about half the performance of a GTX680 GPU (based on GFLOPS and texture), which launched in March 2012, more than a year and a half ago."

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Lior2018d ago

Well it is a low end CPU

JsonHenry2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

It is a low end CPU with a mid-low GPU. But you've seen what devs have done with the pathetic PS3/Xbox hardware over the years. I have no doubt that games will be stunning on the next gen titles for quite some time to come.

@Bicfitness- you are wrong and here is the proof. It is mid at best - http://www.videocardbenchma...

Hydrolex2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

NVidia is just butt hurt !

Thissss ass is on fireeeeeeeeeeeeee by Alicia Keys

bicfitness2018d ago

A 7870, the PS3's approximate GPU (even the mobility version) is hardly mid-low end. Those things still retail for hundreds and are among the top performing single card soultions on the market NOW. It may not be in the same league as Nvidia's $1000 GPU, but really, what is? And who the heck wants to spend that much money on a GPU? I custom ordered a Sager, and even though I use it heavily, I still have second thoughts about the price I paid.

Cost to performance ratio always weighs in favour of consoles. Always. Especially at launch.

Hydrolex2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Comparing a 400 500 dollar Console to a PC is just freaking stupid... can't believe Nvidia said that.... that GTX 680 itself was 500 dollars...

Of course sony could make a high end console, but that would cost 1 1.5k and they will go bankrupt because not many people would buy that

ABizzel12018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Low-end CPU, Mid-rang GPU, [email protected]@$$ RAM ;D

As the others said, NVIDIA is just mad they're not getting any console business this generation.

The only option left is the Nextbox, but all rumors point to them going with AMD as well.

They're the only ones to blame, if you don't want to run a fair business then no one will want to work with you. You can't charge full retail for a product years later, when you've had multiple hardware improvements come out over those years. Hardware depreciates in value annually, and by a significant amount. Heck sometimes it drops significantly within the year. NVIDIA knows that, but they don't want to abide by that.

AMD does and are willing to commit to the terms of the console manufacturers, so NVDIA missed out.

The 3 console business should put AMD's numbers back up, but I'm sure we'll see NVIDIA have a drop especially if the PS3 stops selling as well, and Tegra 4 doesn't take off.

LOL NVIDIA. Grow up. AMD offer affordable prices, and since you want to charge a premium you're stuck with companies that are willing to charge a premium as well, like Apple.

Hydrolex2018d ago

HAHAH believe me, if Sony bought their GPUs from Nvidia, this story would have been totally DIFFERENT

" PS4 is a Strong console, we provided Sony with one of our BEST EXCLUSIVE GPU'S available for consoles." and it still would have been a mid rang GPU

Dylila2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

it is amazing how the supposed low end specs of the ps4 have displayed graphics exceeding all games ive seen on pcs using the best nvidia cards. killzone shadow fall is said to be using 1.5gbs of ram while the system has 8gbs of gddr5 ram available to be shared.

i cant even imagine what uncharted 4 gran turismo 6 and other playstation exclusives will look like. rumoured specs of ps4 and xbox 720 were revealed by leaked documents last year with everything about the ps4 coming true so onecan also believe the 720 specs. knowing all these things about the ps4 and 720, the ps4 will be making a lot of people depressed and angry like the infidels that didnt believe in the ps3 producing anything like killzone 2.

the ps3 with its weak specs are doing things and did things never seen on any platform. the pc is an amazing platform due to its unlimited power of upgrading but that today is a moot point. we're at a point now where graphics are at a plateau so you wont see much improvements unless resolution will get a massive increase and or we go to holograms. crysis 1 to crysis 3 took 7 years but they look very similar with crysis 3 being superior.

big console devs are way more creative which is evident by devs like naughty dog, sony santa monica, guerilla games, media molecule and others but i think its because they had lower specs to work with and mold. there are so many games on the playstation 3 never matched anywhere else and done with a lot of quality. ps4 will dominate this generation based on what sony have done with ps1, ps2 and especially ps3. killzone shadow falls looks better than every game available while utilizing little specs of the ps4.

i cant imagine what amazing games ps4 will have but i know that ps4 exclusive devs will be trend setters like they are now on ps3.

gaffyh2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

It's also worth remembering, that the OS overhead for games consoles is usually very tiny. I think the PS3's OS runs on 64 MB of RAM, and that's it. This is not the case with PCs which have a big overhead with Windows OS, print spoolers, antivirus, component drivers and software etc.

HammadTheBeast2018d ago

Yeah it is low end...


morganfell2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

You cannot compare a console GPU in a vacuum without considering the CPU and RAM to which it is mated. The components may be similar to those found in a PC but everything, from the OS to the manner in which they are co-located on die to the system by which they utilize memory, is wholly different from a PC.

Nvidia isn't going to win any maturity contests. Had they not been so greedy and realized Sony and MS needed to reduce console costs then they might be in a different position. Personally this kind of attitude makes me look at Radeon cards for my PC.

EDIT: He is stating the obvious? No. People with a simple view and that lack understanding agree.

And how about we discuss the importance of PC games to publishers?

People need to quit kidding themselves that the next gen will actually help PC gaming. It's a pipe dream. People have no idea what is involved in PC development and they actually believe the devs will flip a switch and get a magical PC version. It doesn't work like that. Also people fail to understand the budget that is set aside for support - pubs aren't just going to cough that up for low return PC versions.

The versions that do go to PC, well, just remember they were built for console first. We have Blizzard and everyone else formerly PC exclusive is next. How does that feel for a little truth.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32018d ago

So just because the guy is stating the obvious, people are mad? You fanboys are plentiful, so why does everyone else need to stroke your delusional egos?

starchild2018d ago

I'm a PC gamer, but even I think this trend of comparing consoles to PC gaming hardware straight accross is silly and pointless.

There are lots of reasons I could go into why you can get a lot more out of a console than a similarly spec'ed PC, but we can all see for ourselves that consoles always acquit themselves quite well given the static hardware they ship with.

Sure, PCs can always pretty up the visuals a bit and that is one of the benefits I enjoy about the PC, but the consoles really are the nucleus that the industry revolves around and they seem to dictate the baseline visuals that we will be experiencing. PS4 and next Xbox games will look great and will be a profound leap over current gen console games.

aceitman2018d ago

ps3 is basically 1/2 gig (512)and amazing looking games came out from 1st party devs imagine 8 they will blow us away period e3 will show and tell all , killzone is in beta form .

scott1822018d ago

Who cares about specs? When sony game devs are so talented making those mind blowing games both graphically and gameplay wise... Who needs any more than what they are putting into it? Any more would be overkill.

Tsar4ever012018d ago

Sony is not trying to compete with the pc, it annonced it wanting to be more like a pc for the sake of dev parity. So I don,t understand all this
Partisan reteric from nvidia and pc community. As
Far as harware is conserned, ps4 and pc are like
Family now. Maybe all this hate or envy is really
About the ps4's GDDR5 memory, and it,s unpresedent
Valumn. Not even nvidia's super pc titan card have as much gddr ram.

MikeMyers2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Did Nvidia say the same thing prior to the PS3 coming out? Nope.

Look at how supportive they were with Sony and the PS3 back then but blasted Microsoft. Which of course was expected since Microsoft went with ATI instead (on the Xbox 360) after being partnered with Nvidia for the original Xbox.

AsimLeonheart2018d ago

Nvidia is just bitter that hey did not get the contract from Sony for the GPU/CPU for PS4. That is why they have been spouting this hate towards PS4 and Sony. If Sony had hired them to make the GPU/CPU then Sony and PS4 would have the best in the world even with the same specs that have been announced. Greedy and butthurt businessmen!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

" But you've seen what devs have done with the pathetic PS3/Xbox hardware over the years"

Soo seeing that it's x86 and devs say "F**k it let just push pc cuz we can and it's easy!!"

How good will ps4 look?

Ps3 and 360 games look good next to pc because they won't make games look way way different onpc. The cards pc gamers have now will be ready for next gen ports but have been available for years.

If BF3 has 48 extra players and bigger maps on pc then it make me wonder if they will push pc higher than ps4?

Or make it 1:1 with ps4 version?

x86 make the industry interesting now.

Will a game bigger than planetside 2 come that will push pc? When then about ps4?

Ps4 is great for the exclusives like pc is. But What will make ps4 look relevant is if the hold back a gtx760 to make games look the same as ps4 games.

Understand what I am sayin? I am not trying to come at you bro.

Also ddr4 and gddr6 comes out next year.

lol If only ps4 was coming out hoilday 2014 it would have gddr6.

I would be stupid to not still get ps4 though.

As long as devs hold back pc then ps4 games will look good or at least decent next to it.

knowyourstuff2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

The reason Killzone looks so amazing with "low end PC specs" is because there is no complex operating system like Windows running in the background. The OS is by comparison much simpler, there are no programs running in the background like a PC, plus games are made specifically catered to the architecture of that console.

PC's are different, where sometimes your specific architecture isn't as compatible as it should be, where some brands of video cards just work better on some games than others and vice versa, some sound cards don't work on certain games, it's a bit more hit and miss. However with a PC, when you do hit, you have the potential to knock it out of the park with higher resolution, better anti aliasing etc.

However you will be expected to pay more per year upgrading your rig if you want the absolute best there is to offer, so it's all about tradeoffs.

SilentNegotiator2018d ago

Makes you wonder if they're doing stuff for the next Xbox, them carrying on like this.

But then, AMD more or less beat them to the punch for once, so they could be annoyed even if they dropped out of the console market all together.

SwiderMan2018d ago

@SilentNegotiator Nvidia kind of rips on Xbox 720, too, so I don't know how likely it is that they will design Microsoft's next GPU.

SilentNegotiator2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


Well anyway, even in that case, they would benefit from belittling the new consoles to try and get people to go PC.

As AMD snatches up big contracts, Nvidia must be very intimidated.

Ju2018d ago

Makes me wonder why they even bother selling a Tegra chip, or what was that all about their "useless" Project Shield then? The 680 makes those look like child play.

Must not apply to in house products, then, I suppose?

chaos-lockheart2018d ago

I don't seem to see Nvidia talk a lot when the PS3 had their GPU, now its AMD with Sony and now they are like saying how the PS4 is not a good investment. And they are like comparing so many hardware specs.

Bigpappy2018d ago

The guy is not out there slamming the PS4. He was asked and is giving his professional assessment. The PS4 looks to be a great jump from this gen of consoles. But why does it have to match a high end PC for you guys to be happy. Sounds like a lot of PS fans want Sony to build and expensive console and give it to them, at a big lost, in the name of gaming.

R6ex2018d ago

Hope Nvidia will produce its own console (with high-end parts) someday.

SkyGamer2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

NVidia is right. By the time the ps4 ships, AMD will already have that mobile processor in laptops. The 7970m was already in macs over a year ago today and by December, 2 years old! If MS releases laptop specs, I will definitely skip next gen. Don't buy into the hype and bs! AMD hasn't been the same since the advent of multi-core. Such a shame too because they kicked some serious booty with their Athlon FX series. Talk to anyone who knows a little about computers, you mention AMD and instantly techs know you aren't talking about performance. Sad when a Core i5 2500k will outperform MOST anything AMD has to offer. This is coming from a tech who owns both AMD and Intel and NVidia. Sony wanted to be more development friendly, great! Going in AS a "Computer Entertainment System" with low end PC specs is just really foolish. Xbox has always been a "Video Game Console." MS knew that you distinguish yourself as a PC and you have the lifespan of a PC.

P.S. There is a BIG difference in GDDR5 and DDR3. One is in video cards and is limited and the other can do anything.

jmc88882018d ago

People are SOOO stupid.

I agree with Henry that we've seen miracles of what the previous consoles can do, and we'll see the same thing from this gen....

But it ISN'T a 7870, it's less than a 7850.

7870m does not equal 7870, it's like saying a car with a v8 is just as fast as the 4 cylinder version is.

On top of this you don't need a "GTX 680 that costs 500" to beat it.

Hey but aren't you losing that entire battle with that?

Because the PS4 should be 500-600 most likely, perhaps $429...if we're lucky.

But again...the 680 isn't the 670. The 670 is ONLY 10 percent less power...which can be overclocked to exceed the 680's power FWIW. But let's forget that. The 670 IS 1/3 more raw power than the PS4.

So the 670 isn't 500, it's 400...except everywhere I look I see it for 339-369...

But wait there's more!

The GTX 700 series will be out BEFORE the PS4 hits shelves.

So expect 40-60, perhaps up to 100 percent increases for the same prices.

So instead of 33, how about 100 percent increase in PC's for $399 when a PS4 costs what it does??

Irishguy952018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I see there are plenty of ignorant who think the Ram will actually improve the games. Again, Ram is a limiter for the Gpu. The GPu is the one that does all the work. Then comes the CPu. Again 4GB is all the Ps4 needed. The only reason sony want 8gb's was because MS is rumored to have GB's. They're just playing it safe for the sake of covering their *** again console features(such as voice chat on Ps3, if only sony had their ram shared)

Again, stick 8GB's of ram in the ps3 and 360. Do you think they games will improve noticeably? No they won't, the Graphics processing unit is not improving, nor is the Cell. If only it was that easy to upgrade your PC.

Also I thought the Ps4 is supposed to have something equivalent to a 560ti? That is one of the most common gaming GPu's no? mid to high power at great cost.(Albeit, outdated by the 600 models) It's what I would buy if I was upgrading my PC(although again, the 660ti since it's newer)

Edit-- You know why Sony emphasized the 8GB's Ram? Because only a small minority of gamers know that it won't really make a difference from 4Gbs. The rest think Ram is a vital component which provides 50% of the power required for good graphics

N4g_null2018d ago

For the people impressed by the ps4 just know the jump could have been way bigger. Also understand the gt690 will go on sale very soon after the ps4 release, making it affordable.

The big talk in computer graphics is every one using direct x 11 gear now even good ol maya. The price problem will pop up again. The only thing that will save the ps4 is game play.

SephirothX212018d ago

Blizzard are bringing Diablo 3 to PS4. A game that's out on PC over a year already. You think that means they will concentrate less on PC? Some games are meant for a keyboard and mouse. Your comment about console ports to PC is not true. Yes multiplatform games will be tailored for PS4 and 720 hardware specifically but because PS4 hardware is a lot more similar to what is in your average gaming PC when compared with the PS3 hardware, devs have to do less work to make the games perform well on all three platforms. Remember, the multiplatform games will be on the next Xbox which will be using DirectX 11 graphics API which is the graphics API most supported for PC games currently. I'm currently writing a game engine with DirectX 11 and my code runs well on different laptops with different hardware. PC is the premium gaming platform and it comes at a much higher price than consoles and therefore PCs and consoles shouldn't really be compared. Having said that, PS4 is still a big leap over PS3 and multi games will now take more advantage of the GTX 680 sitting in my PC.

bangshi2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

How is he wrong? You provide a link where the aformentioned graphics card is in the 'High End' list and it is the 14th highest card.

Actually he is wrong in that it compares best to the 7870.

It actually sits somewhere in between the 7870 and the 7850.

The GTX 660 also occupies that space.

The GTX 660 is a high end card.

I think people here have no clue what a high end card is.

The likes of the Titan, 680, 690, 7970 are enthusiast cards.

Low, Mid, High, Enthusiast.

Those are your brackets.

The PS4 GPU is most definitely mid-to-high. At the moment.

When it releases, that could be different, but this year is a re-badge year so don't expect big jumps in performance across the board on new cards. Certainly not 100% as jmc8888 claims above.

The CPU is certainly weak, but it doesn't need to be high end.

Even then, it isn't just about saying part X is weak and part Y is weaker. It is the sum of all parts, and how those parts operate together.

For example, a car with 'weaker' parts could outperform a car with stronger parts if its weaker parts have greater efficiency.

ProjectVulcan2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Don't see what the fuss is about, he is only pointing out the obvious and well known.

He is probably just highlighting what I have been saying for some time, the gap between the PS4 and a good PC is larger than it was between a good PC and Xbox 360, when that generation began back in 2005.

The consoles are giving away more to PC than they ever have before. Xbox 360 had a GPU as fast as anything around up to about 6 months before it launched, PS4's GPU wasn't considered high end as of about March 2012, a year ago already and 18 month+ by the time it makes it market.

But thats obvious to me.

Everyone banging on about how consoles can rival PC when they launch well they used to be able to because they used to be pretty high end stuff.

That just isn't the case with PS4. Its a midrange PC, at best.

PeaSFor2018d ago

whats the price tag of a GTX680 again?
i paid my msi gtx680 lightning 545$,....and thats JUST THE CARD WITHOUT THE WHOLE SYSTEM..

now if nvidia can compare a fully functioning console with a price tag of 449-500$(i guess) to a single pc PART wich cost 550$.... welll, thats just silly, retarded and blatantly out of context.

bravo Nvidia...bravo.

Gamer19822018d ago

Exactly games will look 10X better than they do now but not on an obvious level. People who know nothing about graphics will disagree. As for comparing it to the GTX680 I find that hilarious as its gonna launch at nearly half the price of it! And thats not just the graphics. Thats the whole damn system! Nvidias just really annoyed Sony didnt go to them this generation for graphics chip and went AMD instead as they saw the console and thought..Damn this things gonna sell soo many AMD chips..

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adorie2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Yes and no... It's not as simple as adding more CUDA CORES and upping the clocks. The chip is a SoC and it seems AMD has made it clear that's where they're heading.

John Carmack didn't say anything negative about it. That right there shows me the thing has a lot of potential to exploit. Let's not forget UE4 tech demo running on PS4, and not even fully optimised, if some of these articles are correct.

Nvidia just wants more Titan sales... they need to shuddap and bring on Maxwell. Cause I wanna upgrade already.

solid_warlord2018d ago

No ones gonna buy titan, just ultra geeks

ijust2good2018d ago

Titan GPU is for on earth will anyone will pay for any graphics card worth more than a PS3 was on launch. No normal people with buy such as expesive crap just to play video games.

SwiderMan2018d ago

Maybe, just maybe as the casual takes over, hardcore will migrate to machines that tailor to that experience (like PC gaming and GPUs like the Titan).

It's getting harder and harder for console game companies to eek out a profit with triple-A console games.

Andreex2018d ago

Carmack? Pffft that guy stopped being relevant in 2001...who cares what he says, he is just a has been

N4g_null2018d ago

There is the problem right there. Devs will not have too many problems on the ps4 but buyers will. Every one except the so called hardcore console gamers know nvidia and intel wipes the floor with amd right now.

Amd is not worth a premium price so if Sony try's to pull a $600 or above system launch lots of people will not see the value.

Sony fans should even know game play and art are the cornerstones to good games not tech. They need to say some thing like we have the tech, price and games you want and get off this we are so powerful. Or maybe it's the fans doing this.

Linsolv2018d ago

Carmack said years ago, though not in these terms, that he'd decided it was time to stop fighting consoles. It's not surprising that he would then go on to not complain if it was middle-end (especially since it will let him work with x86 code, which means PCs get to take full advantage) because I think in his mind, consoles will always be and have always been middle-end. But his insistence on fighting them, he regrets, says it was a bad choice. So he wouldn't bring it up.

ProjectVulcan2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

Nvidia will sell every Titan they make over the next few months. It is a limited edition part anyway.

Its not about that, its about what the mainstream parts will be like by the time PS4 actually get released and settled, by the time that happens, Titan performance WILL be closer to mainstream.

Fact is its still only about 20 percent faster than a 7970 ghz and that part will be replaced with a refresh by the time PS4 arrives, the entire graphics card lineup will be replaced with faster parts closer to Titan.

The OEM parts will be rebadges for AMD but I am confident their board partners will be able to push refined silicon further beyond 7970 ghz. In fact said card can already be overclocked beyond 1200mhz and within a whisker of Titan, not impossible third party boards of just a rebadge on a newer revision can do that out the box.

I don't expect a massive leap in performance this year from PC GPUs but it'll get another small step from silicon refinements before PS4 even launches.

awi59512018d ago Show
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MariaHelFutura2018d ago

And the troll train keeps chuggin'.....

The_Con-Sept2018d ago

Agreed. Seems like someone is a little bit mad about not getting in bed with Sony this generation....

camel_toad2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

I've always had a top of the line or near top of the line pc every time a new console generation begins and the consoles always have had an edge when they first hit because they are generally dedicated to gaming.

It's not until halfway or until the end of a console's life cycle that pcs edge them out.

Pc games will always have the advantage in the long run but with the graphical dedication of a new console launch the consoles take the lead in the first half (Nintendo being the exception).

ijust2good2018d ago

Ps4 will be relevant the next 4 years

awi59512018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

My old ATI 4870 i had was always better than any of the console GPu's. You should have seen bad company 2 running on my old rig. It blew the console versions away. It would run witcher 2 on max when i bought a second one on ebay for 40 dollars. No game on console came close to a 80 dollar crossfire build i made on the cheap 5 years ago. My old card would run any current game even crysis on ultra at 30 fps if it didnt max out any other game at 100fps.

Hell with a single gpu crysis was the only game that would hurt that card. I played every game that came out on pc pretty much, Fallout 3, dead space,dragon age, mass effect, left4dead, the batman games,the elder scrolls games, all of them ran on max settings. And they looked way better than the console versions. These past few years i had to upgrade for BF3 thats the only games that would hurt that old card.

Good_Guy_Jamal2018d ago

To be honest, this is all greek to me. GPU's and CPU's and CTU's don't mean anything to me, although I'm almost certain Jack Bauer worked at one of them!
What I do know is that developers seem to be very happy with the specs and that's all that matters in the end because they are the ones that make my games!

seanpitt232018d ago

Sour grapes because Sony didn't want to pay for over priced nvidia specs and went with AMD instead

ATi_Elite2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

What he said is really true even though Sony fanboys don't want to accept that.


He didn't mention that Devs will be able to program to the Metal thus getting a lot of performance out of the PS4. It will be perfected over years so it will be pushed to it's limits unlike PC's which are RAW unoptimized power from Day 1.

all in all comparing consoles to PC is stupid anyway.

PC = the Bleeding Edge tech and innovation
Consoles = that tech optimized and perfected.

Th4Freak2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

From my last comment: "What bothers me is how hipocrite this guy is, why didn't they say that in 2006 when the PS3 was launched and also that same month they released the GeForce 8 Series?

From Wikipedia: "RSX: Based on G71 Chip in turn based on the 7800 but with cut down features like lower memory bandwidth and only as many ROPs as the lower end 7600."

That means that the 8800 GTX wasn't only one generation ahead but also it is about 150% powerful than the RSX. So the question is why didn't they trash talked in 2006 when the PS3 was released and it has a "low-end" chip made by them?

It very clear that these guys are just butthurt because Sony told them to f*ck themselves, otherwise why would they keep they mouth shut when they released an outdated GPU for the PS3 7 years ago?"

Ezz20132018d ago

you forgot to say this

ZoyosJD2018d ago

Cards are defined a low, mid, high and enthusiast for each new series.

For example from wikipedia:

Entry-level cards 73xx - 75xx
Mid-range cards 76xx - 77xx
High-end cards 78xx - 7970 GHz Edition
Enthusiast cards 7990

By any means that is a high end card.

Look at steam system spec survey. Less than 5% of PC gamers have a rig that is even that powerful even from an unoptimized standpoint.

And even if it were true, they are just being salty.

delboy2018d ago

Ps360 was cuting edge on relase,ps4 and next box are not.
End of story.

DigitalSmoke2018d ago

Its not about WHAT he said, its about the motivatuion behind it, and its a envious one.
Nvidia is known to be extremely expansive when it comes to their custom hardware, their frames per sec to dollar metric shows this for the PC market as well.

That being said, as a PC gamer, ill take optimized Uncharted experiences over stuttery, bad optimized and lack of feature filling PC titles anyday.

MarkusMcNugen2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


"For example from wikipedia:

Entry-level cards 73xx - 75xx
Mid-range cards 76xx - 77xx
High-end cards 78xx - 7970 GHz Edition
Enthusiast cards 7990"

Sorry my man, it seems youve mistaken the 7970 and the 7970m. M, which stands for mobility, which is for laptops...

Heres the spec difference between a 7970 and a 7970m:

Radeon HD7970 -
Memory: 3072 GBs
GPU Clock: 925 MHz
Memory Clock: 1375 MHz
Pixel Fillrate: 29.6 GP/s
Texture Fillrate: 118.4 GT/s
Bandwidth: 264 GB/s
Bus Width: 384 bits
GLOPS: 3788.8

Radeon HD7970M -
Memory: 2048GBs
GPU Clock: 850 MHz
Memory Clock: 1200 MHz
Pixel Fillrate: 27.2 GP/s
Texture Fillrate: 68 GT/s
Bandwidth: 153.6 GB/s
Bus Width: 256 bits
GLOPs: 2176

The GPU in the PS4 will be more like a 7970m, not a 7970. Thats a big difference.

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imdaboss12018d ago

Nvidia is salty as fukc ..Whats up with all the damage control? I understand Sony and Microsoft dont want to deal with you but there no need to be bitter..No one wants to do business with you guys in the futures anymore,since you acting like a sore loser right now..Thanks for stating the obvious but it still dont change the fact PS4 is a high end PC and developers goin to push the hardware to its fullest by using their engines..

RandomDude6552018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

PC games will now be optimized for amd gpus due to the consoles (Also a lot of coders for OpenCL and not CUDA).
Mobile/Tablet will continue to be majority powervr gpus.

They are scared.

1nsaint2018d ago

OH REALLY NVIDIA!!! Here's my low end pc specs: 1.7 ghz singlecore CPU, 1.5 gb RAM
256 mb nvidia graphic card.. This bitch cant even handle ps2 games on max graphics

So Yeah that's really comparable to a ps4.... -.-

iamgoatman2018d ago

That's not low-end, that's ancient!

1nsaint2018d ago

@imgoatman i know... :'( xD

Reverent2018d ago

How about this. My specs:

Dual Graphics Card 7670M HD + 7770M HD 2GB GDDR5
1.9 Ghz Quad-core CPU, 8GB RAM. (Mid-Highish Range Specs)

MY PC can't run a lot of modern day games at even mid-high settings. So to say the PS4 is using low-end specs is F**king stupid.

ZoyosJD2018d ago

@reverent...two mobile graphics cards you can't even crossfire.

Your either confused, wasting a lot of money, or both.

OpenGL2018d ago


It sounds like he's using an AMD A8-4500M, so it's actually an integrated Radeon 7640G. Asymmetrical Crossfire isn't supported but the 7640G is still useful for switchable graphics.

If he's made two mistakes and is actually using a 7670M then yes he can utilize asymmetrical Crossfire as it is not based on GCN.

ZoyosJD2018d ago

@OpenGL...yeah, I would hope he's getting some use out of whatever he is using.

But, nontheless SLI or Crossfire in a laptop, even with mid range'd be looking to melt it.

And dat in-efficency; the last time I saw a decent SLI or crossfire output was a custom Linux kernel for a server using a multi-card business solution and asymmetrical doesn't sound halfway as appealing as traditional in a non-custom environment.

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mistertwoturbo2018d ago

Nvidia is just sour about it. They have basically no stake in the PS4/NextBox/Wii U so they'll say anything they can.

With that said, the CPU is obviously "low-end" in the computer world, but who cares? It's not going to be used to do Video Editing or server work or anything like that.