Namco Bandai Hosting Tales of Xillia Panel at WonderCon

Hardcore Gamer: Tales series producer Hideo Baba will make his first North American apperance to talk with fans about Xillia. Voice actors from the English version will also be in attendance. The kicker? Dress as a Tales character and get a picture with Baba.

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animegamingnerd1802d ago

hopefully we get a release date soon

Minato-Namikaze1801d ago

Summer hopefully, along with FFX HD.

Pyrrhus1801d ago

Since placing more faith in Tales games (over FF and Squenix essentially), I really hope we get a date for this.

Snookies121801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Ys is a great series as well, if you're cool with handhelds or PC. :]
I place my trust in Tales and Ys games much more than I do with the FF series now. (Which used to be my absolute favorite series). S-Enix just doesn't seem to care about fans anymore, whereas Falcom and Namco seem to cater directly to them.

Hanso1801d ago

yeah dude i know how you feel
i was a pretty big FF fan too but their console games werent so great this gen

so i looked for other jrpgs and discovered the Tales of Series i bought Graces F a few months back and absolutely loved it. I even purchased a 3dsxl just for Abyss later xD My most wanted ps3 jrpg now besides Disgaea D2 is Tales of Xillia!!
dont care much about Lightning Returns lol

Also about the Ys Series
Didnt know Ys before too and decided to try Oath in Felghana for my Vita. It was amazing after that i bought Ys 7 which was even better.
Now im looking forward to the new Ys Vita game this fall

Snookies121801d ago

@Hanso - Everything you said was pretty much exactly what I went through with minor changes lol!

I got Graces F as my first Tales game and loved it, then went back to Abyss after that... I am really wanting Disgaea D2 and Xillia as well...

Also, I randomly bought Ys Seven on my PSP a while back, and loved it so much I went on to get Ys Origin for PC, Ys Chronicles, Ys Oath, and will definitely be pre-ordering Ys Celceta for Vita. XD

animegamingnerd1801d ago

@Snookies12 graces f was also my first tales i rented it a couple months ago from gamefly and after i beat it i decided to buy it along with vesperia and probably after i beat vesperia i will pick up abyss for my 3DS

Inception1801d ago

Don't forget Shin Megaten (Persona), Disgaea, and Fire Emblem. Those series never dissapointed, and i put my faith in them along with Tales & Ys (over FF & SE). Hopefully, Sony will give a revival for Wild Arms, Dark Cloud, and Legend of Dragoon on PS4.

OT, waiting a release date for Xillia too.

Hanso1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

i still have to buy Persona 4 for my vita and fire emblem for 3ds. But im trying to stop buying new games right now atleast when i finished some of my backlog..

I play now FF Tactics War of the Lions on my Vita for the first time. I think im almost at the end now. After that Castlevania SotN and after that Tactics Ogre.
And im also waiting for a price drop for Disgaea 3 Vita because i have already the ps3 version.

I hope Nis announces soon Disgaea 4 for Vita^^

CLOUD19831801d ago

Japanese Voices or GTFO NAMCO!

thx bye.

Harkins17211801d ago

Learn to let go. Or import from Japan.

Infernostew1801d ago

Quit acting like a spoiled brat. We're lucky enough to be getting the game in english to begin with. SMH

animegamingnerd1801d ago

i wish people didn't have this mindset and just take what we got

Harkins17211801d ago

Baba so needs to release Innonence R and Hearts R for Vita in NA!

DivineAssault 1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I really want this game already! Japan already has its sequel & we're still waiting for a bone to be tossed our way.. Better late than never i suppose & i hope all western fans of the series buys it day 1 so they can start localizing ALL of the tales games we didnt get.. Including Vesperia on PS3 & innocence r/ hearts r on vita.. Hell, all the tales games would do nicely on vita.. Im sure it can handle them