Sometimes violence in video games makes sense

Video game violence makes sense in the tonal context of most games. But others? It's just excessive and unnecessary.

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pat_11_52020d ago

Good old video game violence. I really don't think it's such a bad thing.

ApolloTheBoss2020d ago

It's a bad thing when idiot parents don't know how to read a label on a box.

pat_11_52020d ago

I don't even really mean that at all, I'm examining violence in games from an adult's perspective.

Irishguy952020d ago

I've seen some people sayign Tomb Raiders violence doesn't fit in. I say..don't you remember jumping off something too high in the old ones? Or the spikes? Boulders? Eaten by T rex?

pat_11_52020d ago

That's true I guess, but the level of detail in the violence is very different now.

-Gespenst-2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Of course. It's only when violence is treated in a really juvenile and pointless way that's it not good.

Although I'm not sure any game should "reward" you for killing people. Like, you put a bullet in some guys brain and the game's sound effects are going crazy while you get loads of cash and ammo and a new weapon or something. I think that's a really terrible pattern in most violent videogames.

Violence makes sense if it has something intelligent to say about violence and / or it's relation to something else. If it's just massacring people and rolling in money and rewards because of it it's just juvenile and sort of deranged, unless, like Hotline Miami, it does that to comment on it. That game still goes a bit overboard though if you ask me.

That said, fighting, but not killing in videogames I'm fine with. Fighting, resisting, non-lethality- that's all good to me.

Most of the time violence is just gratuitous and fetishized in videogames. I could honestly do without it. I prefer just exploring beautiful worlds, amazing music, characters and a story. Violence has a very close association with videogames as if the two are culturally inextricable, but they're not.

I know violence is a reality btw, and it should be portrayed, but AS that horrible reality- not as pure entertainment.

CanadianTurtle2020d ago

Are you kidding me, if there was no violence in vgs, I wouldn't be playing them.