Second Set of PlayStation All-Stars Patch 1.09 Notes Include Character and Item Balancing

Seth Killian didn’t disappoint today as he delivered on the promise that we’d be getting the second set of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale patch notes for 1.09 (again, 1.09 isn’t the official name, just a calculated guess on our part).

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dbjj120881984d ago

Can't wait to stomp some people with Isaac though.

ArchangelMike1984d ago

I love Kratos, but damn they need to nerf him. I kno whe's the poster boy, but this 'aint God of War.

RAZORBACKpr1984d ago

i agree with you buddy, i love Kratos but its so overpower that i just quit playing the multiplayer because everyone is playing as kratos !! and i really love this game !!

DarkHeroZX1984d ago

dude they nerfed the heck out of Sly! What the heck! even sackboy got a boost!!! this is bull!

HarryMasonHerpderp1984d ago

Sly's level 1 was way overpowered.

KangarooSam1984d ago

This ^^^ And when they nerfed Sackboy they made him almost useless. Glad to see that he's more balanced now.

DarkHeroZX1984d ago

Sly's level 1 is nice but his 2 is garbage, and his 3 is average. I like that good Cole got a boost

cpayne931984d ago

Sly had the best level one in the game, and his counter was way overpowered. Ive been asking for him to be nerfed since I got the game.

DarkHeroZX1984d ago

to be honest I'm glad they cut the frame time down on his counter. It's literally a double edge sword if he is able to hold it to long. I'm actually glad they cut that because I'm always open to supers like other Sly and Kratos level ones. With the frames being shorter it makes side stepping much easier to avoid those attacks.

Veneno1984d ago

Sweet Tooth got some seriously worthless buffs and completely unnecessary nerfs.. Superbot done f****ed up again.

Thirty3Three1983d ago

I think you need to re-read the patch buddy. Sweet tooth got buffed in some good ways. Also, it wasn't SuperBot...

jakmckratos1983d ago

WHy in the hell would they do ANYTHING to make Raiden and Kratos better?!?!