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Bleach Soul Resurreccion follows the anime storyline from the Invasion of Hueco Mundo arc up to the epic showdown between Ichigo and Azien. The game follows the order of events that happen in the anime as well, but fails to give any true story other than short paragraphs before each mission, meaning people who don’t follow the anime or manga will be left clueless as to what is going on. The game also uses words such as “Zangetsu” and “Getsuga Tenshō” in every cut-scene and in-game conversation, for fans of the show it’s great to see the amount of care that went into making sure the game kept close to the source material, but everyone else will just get bored of it.

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DrRichtofen2073d ago

I hope this game receives a sequel

Snookies122073d ago

I want CC2 to do a Bleach fighter in the vein of the Naruto Storm series... I would kill for that.

DrRichtofen2073d ago

YES! That would be AMAZING!

Myst-Vearn2073d ago

As a huge Bleach fan I loved this game, I just wish they included more characters and more moves per character

trenso12073d ago

the game has been out for a while and i didnt like it at all, i did like how you fight small hollows up until the main fights, but the main fights were terribly dull. It only had like 10 chapters all of which only had 1 boss and left a lot of key fights that happened in between. They only focused on the most epic of battles that happened in the anime/manga. i wish they would have made this game in a naruto ultimate ninja sorta way it honestly was a bad game imo

Williamson2073d ago

This was one game at first I never gave a chance due to having a 57 rating on metacritic, but I bought it on sale and I had more fun with this game then I did with some games with ratings of 85+. It made me realize how much of a fool I was by listening to reviewers. As a bleach fan im more then pleased with this game, but like most people I would love a fighting game similar to the naruto storm games.

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