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IncGamers' Peter Parrish checks out ARMA 3 as it makes an early bid for "best crawling-on-your-belly-through -miles-of-unfamiliar-bushes-whi le-soldiers-hunt-you-down" title of 2013.

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SITH2019d ago

This game is the main reason I bought my gaming PC. And my purchase was well worth it. The alpha is lacking as expected but not the gameplay. This game is legendary in putting you on a battlefield. I am loving the mod communities additions to it. Just goes to show the beta and gold versions will be epic.

Saryk2019d ago

I agree 100%. This is going to be something really nice and with the mods, no telling what is going to happen!

ATi_Elite2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

1. Take Arma 2 which is a Glorious Game
2. Jack up the Graphics by 10000%
3. Fix all the things wrong with Arma 2
4. make everything BIGGER and BETTER
5. add under water swimming and gameplay
6. Jack up the graphics another 100% just for kicks
7. Include easy Code so all the Arma 2 mods EASILY transfer over to Arma 3
8. make user content a welcomed thing
9. Jack up the graphics another 10%, Frack it this is Arma 3
10. Optimize the game and spit out an Alpha that's better than most finished Games.
11. Smile when you realize this is only an Alpha and everything including the Graphics will ONLY GET BETTER.

Arma 3 = Alpha GOTY!!!!

SITH2018d ago

I can not wait till this game is optimized for sli. I have to run my gtx 690 on one chip right now to avoid the issues with video screens and reflective mirror flickering. Even then this alpha maintains high performance. I am schocked it is just an alpha and running this good. The beta is going be epic and the updates will be too. I am currently using this paper doll mod to acquire weapons not offered in the non modes alpha. weapons like the Tavor and micro Tavor silenced. Try it out. It is easy to get working. Just make sure you use a small interface in the menu options otherwise it cuts off some options.