The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - Gameplay ViDoc

Activision and Terminal Reality have released a new video for the upcoming Walking Dead video game, Survival Instinct, which will be releasing on March 26th.

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MultiConsoleGamer2015d ago

Hoping for the best with this game.

Derekvinyard132015d ago

Same, it looks ok need to see more, reminds me of dead island a little

ThatKanadianKid2015d ago

This gameplay makes it look just a little bit better, but was certainly hoping for more. Ah well, we got Telltale's second season of TWD coming up.

MultiConsoleGamer2015d ago

That's the TWD game I'm really excited about. The first game was my surprise hit of the year.

CaptainYesterday2015d ago

When I first heard about this game it got my interest a part of me is still interested in it but I'm not sold just yet I wish they would have shown more gameplay. It would have been nice if there was co op because there are two characters I wonder if you pick between them or play as one for awhile then the other.

enigmaticheretic2015d ago

It looks better in terms of graphics now than it did when they first showed it. I'll rent it first.

TuxedoMoon2015d ago

I have little interest in this game, but it has improved from the first few videos that "leaked" If it has a co-op mode, then it might be a good rental.

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The story is too old to be commented.