Are 'Game Over' Screens a Relic Best Left in the Past?

Push Square: "The threat of failure in games is a foundation that’s existed as long as the industry itself. Ever since the days of Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and more, the idea that you can ‘lose’ at a title is something that we’ve come to expect. But while this mechanic was originally conceived as a means to conclude sessions and ultimately encourage expenditure in arcades, the infamous ‘Game Over’ screen still exists in various guises in gaming today. The question is: isn’t it about time that we moved away from this archaic idea?"

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ThatEnglishDude1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Games nowadays are mostly so easy and hold your hand the entire time, there's not much point of having a game over screen. Who's going to see it?

Blank1952d ago

I agree and disagree with what you said because what is hard for some one is easy to another but I do agree that overall games have gone down in difficulty but thats because the gaming industry got a wider audience appeal compared to back in the day where you had lives, passwords, and limited continues I sort of miss it but I personally speaking dont have much gaming time to dedicate like I used too *sighs* so its good at times just as long as its not TOO easy either.

cpayne931952d ago

Well even though games are easier don't tell me you go through whole games without dieing, the deaths are still there.

TwistedMetal1952d ago

I went through Kirby epic yarn without dieing and most of the dumbed down Nintendo games. Now super Mario galaxy and smash bros games got that good difficulty!

1952d ago
Unicron1952d ago

The chance to learn and overcome, to fail and later succeed, is what gaming is all about to me. I'm reallyyyyyyyyy sick of the hand holding and over explanation!

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The story is too old to be commented.