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ftwrthtx1949d ago

I want to go to the unveiling!

MikeMyers1949d ago

This could give Microsoft an opportunity to at least mention the new Xbox and show the game running on the hardware.

starchild1949d ago

Yeah, if the rumors are true at all about MS securing exclusive content or an exclusivity window for Battlefield 4, you would think that they wouldn't announce the game before the next Xbox is even announced.

We'll see. Either way, Im excited to see Battlefield 4.

Soldierone1949d ago

If they seriously pull a COD and give BF4 a dumb "timed exclusive" deal, I will not buy the game period. Unless its a measly week or two like Bf3 for PS3.

ArchangelMike1949d ago

Naa, M$ will want their own show when it comes to revealing the nextbox. They're not going to piggyback such an important reveal off a third party software dev. If anything it will be during their own conference, if at all it's at GDC they reveal the nextbox

MikeMyers1949d ago


Not a reveal but more of a teaser showing actual gameplay running on the hardware. Right now Sony is in the drivers seat because the 3rd party publishers can't even talk about the new Xbox. So all games confirmed for next gen have been the PS4 and PC while not mentioning the next Xbox. We know it's coming but marketing goes a long ways. Look at how Microsoft managed to make it sound like Call of Duty was an Xbox 360 game. They don't want to fall behind and have consumers think these games won't be coming to the next Xbox just because EA and other publishers are not allowed to mention the system just yet.

DOMination-1949d ago

It'll probably be a pc demo until nextbox is revealed.

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Hufandpuf1949d ago

It seems to be set in Asia, the PLA faction will be getting a return since BF2!

doctorstrange1949d ago

Shit just got real. Bring the rain.

HammadTheBeast1949d ago

Reminds me, we need rain maps. Maybe take the "Shipment" map from CoD 4, make it a drivable boat, put 4 others beside or near it, and there you have it, complete marine map with rain, and at night.

ShugaCane1949d ago

Wow, this year's GDC is definately not to miss.

TrendyGamers1949d ago

Yeah, it's going to have a lot of reveals and info.

dbjj120881949d ago

Neat! It was pretty obvious but...

Wedge191949d ago

Woo! GDC, PAX, E3.... going to be an awesome year....

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The story is too old to be commented.