Rumor: Upcoming Playstation 3 Release List

Super PolyPixel - What’s that you say? Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be out this June?! No way! Wait a second, do I see a release date also for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes? I sure do. Reddit has some interesting stuff that you can find, one of which being a GameStop related release date checklist of upcoming 2013 game titles. For now, we can only speculate and think that the mysterious, and possibly cancelled, Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be out this June. Le sigh, one can only hope that’ll be the official release. Fingers crossed!

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Godmars2901950d ago

That Beyond Good and Evil 2 is on the list should tell you how accurate it is.

dasbeer881950d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be out this June? I highly doubt it.

SilentNegotiator1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Pardon me while I print up a release list and take a picture with my camera.

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Sonic Adventure Galaxy February 10th 2013.


Stay-Toasty1950d ago

Yeah, and that Furious 4 game from Gearbox isn't a Brothers in Arms game anymore.
Off topic: Randy Pitchford said they've got some big genre mixing feature that's going to change the way we play the Co-op FPS. Like what what they did with Borderlands, mixing the FPS with the RPG.
This has really piqued my interest. I love new game play ideas.

Godmars2901950d ago

Sorry, and not focusing on you personally, but this is why the we get crap like Aliens: Colonial Marines. Fans are as too easily forgiving as they're quick to rage.

colonel1791950d ago

Ignore the dates. Just hope that the games come out this year. But yeah, Beyond Good and Evil 2 gotta be fake. Although it might be a surprise during GDC

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Roper3161950d ago

did anyone else notice the pricing? $499.90 for Beyond 2 souls, 1499.90 for Bishock Infinite Song Bird edition? Is this in yen or something? At those prices I think I will quit gaming altogether.

IamTimO1950d ago

Retailers do that all the time, it's not the official price obviously lol. It's just a placeholder ;)

kalkano1950d ago

Actually, it's the price x the number of copies they ordered.

StevenVlzqz31950d ago

I don't doubt the list at all but whoever is only taking the dates in account are going to be severly dissapointed

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The story is too old to be commented.