More Saints Row 4 Info Reveals Improved Co-op, “Save the World as an Overweight Ninja Cheerleader”

With the August 20th release date announcement for Saints Row 4 this morning, you can bet that retailers are working hard on getting their pre-order pages up right now, so you can put your money down on it as soon as possible.

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doctorstrange1982d ago

Save the cheerleader, save the World Health Organization?

TrendyGamers1982d ago

It sounds like a Saints Row game, that's for sure.

DA_SHREDDER1982d ago

Sounds like a Saints game, but I don't need the series to be so off the wall.

Donnieboi1982d ago

No, it sounds like a Saints Row THE THIRD game. Saints Row 1 and 2 were better imho.

dbjj120881982d ago

Can't wait. This is a Saints Row game I'll get behind.

girlwithturn1982d ago

Awesome. Returning of the best currentgen sandbox.

A2X_1982d ago

Better than Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV or Just Cause 2? ok.

ThichQuangDuck1982d ago

GTA IV is not that great. All a matter of what someone enjoys most. The last one I truly loved was san andreas

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The story is too old to be commented.