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Submitted by yokokoroma 1061d ago | article

PS4 Borrowing Too Much From Xbox 360?

The Playstation 4 is taking significant steps forward, towards the next generation of console gaming. This of course, is based on the specs of the console. However, that is where the Playstation 4 stops, as far as innovation goes. The features of the PS4 are being assimilated from the Xbox360. A fact, which is hard to refute, as assimilation can be seen in the DS4 controller, which has the grips and curves of the Xbox360 controller. The PS Eye looks like Xbox360's Kinect, which further prove the PS brand is looking to be like it's competitor. (PS4, Tag Invalid)

TheLyonKing  +   1061d ago
ps eye was before kinect they have just been modding it as for everything else it really is just knit picking if they were borrowing too much that would be patent infringement.
EZMickey  +   1061d ago
What Kinect delivers is a different experience to Wii's Motion Plus or PS3's Eye Camera. Both the PS3 and Wii are dependant on peripherals or physical controls for their motion gaming to work.

The tech may be similar but the concept and execution results in a different end product.

A lot of people rag on about "so and so patented this first so everyone's copying them". That's not how it works. Sony launched the PS Eye last gen and continued it this gen, but honestly, how many Playstation Eye's were sold for the PS3 before the Wii was an undeniable success? Sony's Eye products were never a core part of their console's experience in the past so they never succeeded on the same level Motion Plus and Kinect have. They've treated a lot of their past concepts like that. Look at SIXAXIS and look at mobile gaming (for lack of a better example). The popularity of mobile gaming has skyrocketed and most of those games are reliant on either a touch interface or gyroscope controls. Every PS3 has a controller with a built in Gyroscope connected, yet Sony can't be cited as pioneering gyro controls, merely experimenting.

Not every Xbox has Kinect, yet it's more relevant to Xbox 360 consoles than Playstation Move or Sixaxis is to PS3.

The direction Sony's going with the PS Eye is definitely taking inspiration from Microsoft. It's not an insult to Sony, the industry just works that way. Trends develop into Standards as companies feed off each others ideas. It's only sensitive fans who regard it as insult when comparisons are made.
wishingW3L  +   1061d ago
do you realize that your comment is longer than the article? XD
SleazyChimp  +   1061d ago
You are exactly right. This is why we never want to see "one console to rule them all". Competition drives innovation. Companies trying to 1up each other, battling for consumer dollars, benefits the gamer and the industry. This "borrowing" is just companies taking whats been done and innovating it to play better, run better, or finding new ways to use it. This is essential for a healthy game industry.
strickers  +   1061d ago
1st Eyetoy sold 10 million ON PS2
asbuwango  +   1061d ago
Well PS4Eye dont have a IR camera according to spec sheet, therefore its excecution has nothing to do with kinect...
And PS4eye shouldnt increase the console's price dramatically like kinect 2 might.
MrBeatdown  +   1061d ago
"The direction Sony's going with the PS Eye is definitely taking inspiration from Microsoft."

How so? Nothing demoed so far is anything different from what the previous PS Eyes did. Sony demoed it tracking Move, as a basic camera in interface screenshots, and they may have said the camera recognizes the controller light. None of that is borrowing from Kinect.

The fact is, the only similarity demonstrated thus far is that it uses two cameras.

But it's ridiculous to use that as some kind of basis to spin this whole thing as Sony copying Microsoft, or whatever people want to call it, when the reality is that the camera-based gaming concept as a whole was something Sony was into long before Microsoft. A mere tech upgrade doesn't reverse that.
EZMickey  +   1061d ago

It's not about tech specs, it's about how the product is sustained with the experience it delivers and how it's all marketed and sold. The PS 4 Eye can use telekinesis for all I care, but in the end they are making motion gaming more central to the Playstation brand and considering what a popular trend Kinect has become, to say they would not show some inspiration by it in their execution is to imply that they're not aiming for that market Microsoft and Nintendo secured so much more of this generation. Which I doubt is the case.


The PS4 Eye Camera has two hi res cameras built in and four microphones. The Eye will be capable of facial recognition and likely voice recognition as well.

That's more than just one coincidental similarity to Kinect. That's also a lot more different to previous PS Eye devices.

But you STILL missed the point. The point isn't me trying to call Sony out on using similar tech to Microsoft when Sony was the first on the scene with that kind of tech. Forget that. It's NOT the point.

The point is that Microsoft and Nintendo have been more successful with Motion Controlled Gaming than Sony has. The next point is that a lot of Sony loyalists disregard that success because Sony holds patents for Move Motion Controller concepts that date back to before the Wii and because EyeToy was on the scene before Kinect.

So what? They've yet to succeed on the same level. Why? Because they've yet to apply as much focus to their Eye accessory as Nintendo and Microsoft have to their motion controller efforts. The "new direction" I refer to is not physical technology, even if there are similarities I can point out between the new PS Eye and Kinect, the new direction I'm referring to is the probability of Sony giving PS Eye more room in the foreground of the Playstation experience. The new direction I'm referring to is related to how they're likely to market the Eye now versus before, how they can take this tech that they've been sitting with for ages and capitalize on it the same way Nintendo and Microsoft did on their first respective efforts.

In closing I'll say that people love to note that the Playstation Move is much better technology than the Wii Motion Plus. That's because it is. Yet it never made it on the cover of Time Magazine and absolutely dominated the sales of an entire generation. Sony could have invented the wheel and it wouldn't have affected how well the PS3 Move and Eye sold.

That is the discussion I'm having. Nothing to do with who was first to create and everything to do with who knew how to monetize.

Perfect example
EZMickey  +   1061d ago
EDIT: Double post. My bad.
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Hydrolex  +   1061d ago


for your essays. Goodjob !
Saigon  +   1061d ago

Have you seen the tech demos for the PSeye on the PS3. I use to watch them way before all the additional "peripherals" added to it came out. The camera is actually on par with what the Kinect can do before the initial Kinect demo and what the Kinect can do today. Before the Move and Kinect came out, you truly did not need, as you say, "peripherals", in order to work or use the PSeye technology. If i am not mistaken, Sony added the "peripherals" towards the end to better help the PSeye with location. What is meant by this is it helps add more depth to the applied "peripheral", allowing better location for the user and interactivity. Techniacally this technology has been available since the PS2 days. The PSeye is not in no way comparable to the Wii sensor. The Wii sensor is only used for IR interactive placement (what the user inputs) not location. This is one reason why the Move and Kinect works so well because they apply location rules in the technology.
MrBeatdown  +   1061d ago

I mentioned the dual camera. The PS3 Eye had four microphones according to Wikipedia so there's no difference there.

You said it will be capable of facial recognition, and "likely" voice recognition. Those aren't much more than secondary features.

And if you're making a point that actually doing something of significance with the tech counts for something, what has MS done with it? Facial recognition? I can't think of anything. Voice? Mass Effect and Skyrim are the only ones that come to mind. Sony's had voice recognition in the Socom series. Hell, the whole Singstar franchise is based on voice recognition. It's hardly an MS idea, let alone one they did something above and beyond with.

So yeah, when it really boils down to it, there isn't much to the PS4 Eye I'd say is "inspired by Microsoft". Yeah, there's dual cameras now, but at the end of the day, it's still just a tech upgrade to something Sony has been doing for years, and Sony has done nothing to demonstrate it's anything more than that.

And no, I didn't miss your point. I just didn't bother with it. I responding to the "inspiration" thing. But let's talk about your point. You're trying to make some point about what Sony did with it, versus what Microsoft did with it. You're trying to compare a successful product to a more successful product.

The reality is that it's been a success. Maybe you should go through Wikipedia just to see how many games used the EyeToy and PS3 Eye. Hell, there are 110 games listed that use Move. Plenty of EyeToys and Move controllers have been sold.

Yeah, you can argue that the PS Eye it isn't as successful as Kinect, but I could just as easily make Kinect look insignificant in comparison to the Wii. You can argue that MS is doing a better job of cramming it down our throats by pushing it on TV and at every E3. But it doesn't change the fact that Sony's using the tech, and that they've had success. You say "Sony loyalists disregard" the success of Kinect, and fall back on patents and things like that, but here you are, trying to downplay Sony's use of camera tech, to make it sound like it's nothing compared to Kinect, and that the success levels of PS Eye tech and Kinect tech somehow invalidate the reality that camera-related gaming began with Sony.

"The "new direction" I refer to is not physical technology, even if there are similarities I can point out between the new PS Eye and Kinect, the new direction I'm referring to is the probability of Sony giving PS Eye more room in the foreground of the Playstation experience. The new direction I'm referring to is related to how they're likely to market the Eye now versus before, how they can take this tech that they've been sitting with for ages and capitalize on it the same way Nintendo and Microsoft did on their first respective efforts."

So marketing? You think Sony is going to draw inspiration from what MS did with Kinect and, what? Advertise more? Treat it like a big deal? You're basing this on what? You said "The direction Sony's going with the PS Eye is definitely taking inspiration from Microsoft," and yet, all Sony has done is release an image or two and some basic technical specs, and did absolutely nothing to demonstrate it's anything like Kinect, or that it will be pushed as anything of the sort.

It sounds more like you're just attempting to downplay Sony's contributions to camera-related gaming, and exaggerate their camera plans so they can be painted as the immitator in a situation where they clearly aren't.
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Fatal-Aim  +   1061d ago
"What Kinect delivers is a different experience to Wii's Motion Plus or PS3's Eye Camera. Both the PS3 and Wii are dependant on peripherals or physical controls for their motion gaming to work."

PSeye capabilities:
1.) voice commands

2.) skeletal tracking
this one shows how target tracking is possible

3.) head tracking

4.) scanning objects
also this shows a game using it

Do you want me to keep on going or are you satisfied? Point is, there is noting Kinect does different other than locating the body on Z axis (limbs reaching out at the TV) and seeing the user when the light are out. There is nothing it does that the PSeye hasn't already done. Do you know why that is? Simple. Sony already experimented with the technology long before MS ever got their hands on it, and they wasn't satisfied with the result that they were already getting with their 2D camera. You can also check that out at the following:
and here

This new camera you speak of is not a Kinect device. It's still a 2D camera but because there are two of them, they can see the user in 3D or like Kinect, on the Z axis. It can also see the user in dark areas by using something called f/2.0 lens. So unlike "Kinect," this new PS camera doesn't need lasers to shoot out at the walls to see in 3D nor does it need infrared to see the user in the dark. So remind me again what is so special about it or where Sony copied it.

And FYI, Move and DualShock 4 simply increases your accuracy and at the sametime making your motions 1:1, something Kinect doesn't do.
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Saigon  +   1061d ago

These were some of the videos I was referring to, thanks for posting, bubbles...

I think the problem with this posting by FreddyAintDead is that most people like him don't realize the technology that Sony developed in the PSeye. I remember when the PS3 was first announced and how Sony was going to release an HD version of the PS Camera, PSeye. I looked at all of the tech that was applied in this device and was amazed how it was used. The sad part is that I thought it would go unrecognized as the last installment also did. And what happened, it did, until MS announced the Kinect. I initially thought seriously, Sony already has the tech, but it still happened. I think people need to do better research before they post anything.
SheenuTheLegend  +   1061d ago
lol "kinect inspiring sony" lol
just imagine
Ayabrea123  +   1061d ago
You make good honest points and I can't disagree but I do want to add one thing. Regardless what anyone does first, it's the gamers on the back end who get let down. So what, Sony did push the eye again and motion control when it was getting popular again. That's simple business, that's the demand and they want to capitalize on it.

However what Sony didn't do which I appreciate is make it its main focus. Microsoft had that dedicated market, until the Kinect. Families and casuals, including me like it so I did by it for the fun but it did cost Microsoft a little towards the end of this gen because they became to above themselves. I'm glad that Sony took other steps to not allow peripheral to define their brand. Unlike Nintendo and Microsoft, that's how they define their brand. As long as Sony keeps what's more important (games) coming, what does it matter how much they sold. I'm glad it didn't sell that well because if it did, that is what we would have to look forward to just like we expect from Microsoft.
jrbeerman11  +   1060d ago
flamebait article, next weeks top article.....

xbox borrowing too much from sony?

nintendo borrowing too much from apple?

samsung copying everything they ever make?
SephirothX21  +   1061d ago
Kinect is very different to PS Eye and substantially better. Its not a product for hardcore gamers but don't say it is a copy of EyeToy when they are very different. I am a Playstation fan but the facts are that MS made a greater financial gain from this generation than Sony did. The PS4's interface are looking more like the 360s than the PS3s and that's a good thing. The PS4's specs and games will set it apart from the next xbox. Sony are heading in the right direction and that's the main thing.
raytraceme  +   1061d ago
Teh guys who microsoft WORKED WITH who were developing the kinect were working with sony before. The eye had nearly the same idea as kinect for gaming years before kinect came out.

Primesense who is a private company really created a lot of the tech that is in kinect. NOT MS they made nothing they just bought the company who originally planned to make and release it for everyone.
SoapShoes  +   1061d ago
raytraceme is right, it may be different in execution(and newer technology being 7 years newer) but the idea and the way the games play are the same.
madpuppy  +   1060d ago
Frankly, if you follow MS modus operandi, They are more a buyer of tech rather that a creator. Office: purchased company that made it., DOS, purchased from original creator.

well, here is a full list. MS looks more like Frankenstein's monster than a company dedicated to "creating" tech.
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Ezz2013  +   1061d ago
this article prove that the gaming media have no clue what the hell they are talking about
Sarobi  +   1061d ago
They haven't had a clue in years.
HammadTheBeast  +   1061d ago

Related image(s)
The_Infected  +   1061d ago
They can borrow all they want as long as its not pay to play;)
MYSTERIO360  +   1061d ago
''.....Sony decided to use methods that have already been done, and quite well I might add, by the Xbox 360. The controller has the grip and curves of the Xbox 360 controller''. Since when did the 360 controller have grip?
ALLWRONG  +   1061d ago
Video streaming
Music dl
Movie dl
Wii Mote

Yeah! Sony doesn't borrow anything!
Rainstorm81  +   1061d ago
And I'm guessing u think MS or Nintendo created all of those?

That's like saying " well the Dreamcast came with a modem first so, PS2 PS3 Xbox ,xbox360 Wii and Wii u all copied by going online"

Stupid...... right?
MysticStrummer  +   1061d ago
You chose your name well.
Hicken  +   1061d ago
So... which of the companies had cloud first?
Video streaming?
Multimedia functions?
Motion gaming?
Movie downloading?

Roughly a third of your list came out of Sony FIRST. And what you'd LIKE to attribute to Microsoft or Nintendo(like Trophies) were in games before they were part of consoles. And some of them- like apps- aren't exactly things to be proud of, or are hardly worth mentioning- like the poorly selling Smartglass.

Edit: Let's go down your list, shall we?

Cloud Storage: brought to consoles by Sony

Trophies: done by at LEAST the Star Ocean series last gen, among other games; Microsoft can get credit for making it an integral part of their console, but they didn't introduce the idea to consoles.

Kinect: C'mon. Do we have to go over this again? Sony did the motion sensing camera first last gen. GOOGLE IT.

Smartglass: Oh? So you're saying Microsoft WASN'T last to the off-TV playing party? Couldda sworn Nintendo experimented with it and Sony took it further with Remote Play.

PSN/Marketplace: Um, that's a necessity for a digital online service. In that respect, it's not copying.

Video Streaming: Explain. Do you mean streaming from online? Because that was Sony. Now, maybe you mean connecting to a PC. I dunno who was first there, but streaming straight from a website was Sony first.

Music/Movie Downloading: Not based on the system that was OUT first, but which system DID IT first; otherwise, you could make the erroneous claim that the 360 had a web browser first. And while it's true the Xbox DID have the ability to rip music, I don't recall ANY system ripping video until PS3.

Move: Demoed BEFORE the Wii.

HD: The PS2 had it first; the PS3 had HDMI(TRUE HD) first.

Apps: Application. Program. PS3 uses virtually the same setup as the PSP for this, which is older than the 360; using your nonexistent logic, Sony would have done it- in a gaming console- first.

You wanna maybe go read up on some of this stuff first, and try again?
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ALLWRONG  +   1060d ago
Hicken! Prove what I said wrong. Everything I listed someone else started first and Sony copied. I know you Sony guys love to pretend and wish Sony started everything in the stone age.

You Sony guys are so delusional in that little box world you live in. You refuse to accept Sony copied something, even when it's so blatantly obvious to the rest of the world. Other than Blu-ray, Cell, and the controller, everything on the PS3 is copied... everything!

Cloud (Sony bought in to cloud, MS helped start it)
Trophies (no console in the history of gaming had a universal reward system before 360)
Kinect (PS4 Kinect clone stop trying to deny it's existence)
Smartglass (Sony just copied it check N4G for the news)
PSN (direct rip off of Sega, Live and Steam)
Marketplace (Live started it)
Video streaming
Music dl (360 was out first)
Movie dl (360 was out first)
Wii Mote (Move)
HD (360 was out first)
Apps (copied by Sony)

I'm just going to jump ahead and say that's what I thought.
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ShugaCane  +   1061d ago
"The PS Eye looks like Xbox360's Kinect"

The EyeToy. Does it ring any bells ?
Jek_Porkins  +   1061d ago
Ya, Eyetoy looks a lot like PC camera's that were around int he mid and late 90's.
Rainstorm81  +   1061d ago
Yet it innovated awkward motion gaming before even the Wii and Kinect.

LLS at the second vid buddy thinks he's a ninja.....and doesn't it remind you of this
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thebigman  +   1061d ago
The PS Eye even came out before the Kinect when the PS3 launched
remanutd55  +   1061d ago
It seems to me that whoever wrote this article has just started gaming this current generation lol.
amiga-man  +   1061d ago
As long as Sony don't copy M$ online tax, I will be trusting Sony and the PS4 to innovate and cater for my gaming needs.
etownone  +   1061d ago
Makes sense.

Everyone copies off each other.
The problem controller definitely needed an overhaul, so far, looks to be perfected.

And yeah, new pseye copied Kinect.
And MS Live Cam copied Sonys eyetoy.

It is what it is.
Rainstorm81  +   1061d ago
You can use motion controls with the live cam?
wishingW3L  +   1061d ago
the live cam was just a webcam for chat. Eyetoy was for games not just for chat.
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Rainstorm81  +   1061d ago
That's what I thought
BlackTar187  +   1061d ago
Why are people so bad at life?
DivineAssault  +   1061d ago
smh.. Sony was the 1st to add a camera to the mix.. MS took the camera idea & did controller free casual gaming with kinect.. where does it show sony doing anything like that??

If thats the case, MS stole sonys idea to allow DVD playback on the console..
cl1983  +   1061d ago
Actually Nintendo was the first. They had it on the Game Boy all the way back in 1998. Sony didn't come out till October 2003. And your right Microsoft did use sony idea of dvd playability.
DivineAssault  +   1061d ago
ok, since u wanna get technical about it let me rephrase.. Sony was the 1st to add it to the HOME CONSOLE..
cl1983  +   1061d ago
By the standards you put in your original post it doesn't matter. Now since you want to change your stance kinect was the first to have 3d sensing cameras, and motion tracking.
DivineAssault  +   1061d ago
It really doesnt matter does it? Sony can use/do whatever it is they please cuz in the end it comes down to what the gamers want.. A multimedia device or a gaming machine.. In due time we will see how both sony & MS fair.. I know what im buying & i know i wont be disappointed.. How about you? Are you absolutely sure that you will receive great new games & features for a whole generation when buying your system of choice?
MYSTERIO360  +   1061d ago
Sony did do gameplay with the original PS2 Eyetoy:
cl1983  +   1061d ago
One video is region locked and that still wasn't actually tracking motion
cl1983  +   1061d ago
Also Sega beat sony to it
jmac53   1061d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Arai  +   1061d ago
What a lame article, if you write a piece at least get the facts straight.
There's no supportive information, it's like the author is completely clueless.

Other than that everyone copies everyone in pretty much all industries.
Which is good for the consumer as they end up with more choices and usually a better product.
Software_Lover  +   1061d ago
No both take ideas from each other.

The ps4 design is (cpu ram on a single die with one pool of ram) is basicly the current 360 design but with more.

More ram (better ram)
better gpu
more cpu cores

Microsoft asked the devs what they wanted with the 360 and Sony learned from the ps3 to do the same. But without Sony in the gaming industry, we probably would not have Microsoft so entrenched. They really need(ed) each other.
Muerte2494  +   1061d ago
Xbox360 Cpu and GPU aren't resting on the same die. Their only similarity lies in the fact that they both have "PC-like" architecture. XBox360 nor ps3 CPU and GPU could access the pool of RAM as a whole.
Software_Lover  +   1061d ago

Same as the ps4. Its a SOC.

I dont know where you got that the cpu and gpu could not access it as a whole. That is only on the ps3 where they have the two split pools of ram. The 360 has a unified pool of ram.
clintagious650  +   1061d ago
I didnt know the 360 controller had a touch screen & share button. The eyetoy existed back in the ps2 & the ps eye was out before kinect.

I think u meant trophies.
wishingW3L  +   1061d ago
or a game streaming service like Gaikai. ;)
Dj7FairyTail  +   1061d ago
Kinect is different than Eye Toy.
Rainstorm81  +   1061d ago
Keep telling you self that.....don't you do stuff like this on Kinect?

The only difference is the tech Is better since it released years later.
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NateCole  +   1061d ago
They existed on PC long before
smashcrashbash  +   1061d ago
Okay let me put this to rest.Sony was the first console to have a motion capture camera on a console. The Game Boy camera and Dreamcast camera were not motion capture cameras.If Sony improves on it's PSEYE it is their technology to improve on. Kinect is a copy of Eyetoy and so are most of it's games.You can spin it all you like in Microsoft's favor but the Eyetoy tracked motion too despite it's limitations.Stop pretending that Kinect is so different.The only reason people spin it so hard because it removes the claim that Sony steals everything. Nintendo and Microsoft take ideas from the competition too.Even their idea to make their console into multimedia devices came from Sony.So before you start the arguments about who is borrowing from whom remember Sony AR cards and Insomniac achievements. Fanboys love to pretend that their favorites just do everything themselves and never 'borrow' ideas from someone else.
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StrongMan   1061d ago | Trolling | show
TheGamingArt  +   1061d ago
Wooooooowwww... just wooooooow. God ignorant people are ignorant.
panbit86  +   1061d ago
The thing is that Sony once again has the best offer! PSEye with Move is the best combination for motion gaming. Why? Because there is precision! It has the best features from Wii+Kinect and works on them for some really amazing games. Hardcore AAA titles work like a charm with Move along with some great casual titles! Sony could easily take the MS route but they didn't want to because they wound end up with all this crappy shovelware MS has stuffed down the customers' throat for years...
Williamson  +   1061d ago
Lol wow really?
unicron7  +   1061d ago
Sony didn't borrow jack shit. Someone bury this thing already.
cyclindk  +   1061d ago
I would be exhilarated if consoles and competitors "borrowed," or rather implemented the BEST that the other has to offer in their own technology. Or even improved upon. I would have liked 360 to have a free option for playing online. I would have liked the PS3 to have a more fluid mid-game menu... interface, thing.... whatever, just not the laggy slow deal we got because Sony didn't think far enough ahead on that aspect.

That's what competition is supposed to achieve.

End result should be better for the consumer, a better product and better business all around.
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leogets  +   1061d ago
fucking gimmicks n e ways,who gives a shit
Bonerboy  +   1061d ago
Yet another (of thousands to come) stupid flamebait articles. Both consoles will no doubt "borrow" the better of their bits from one another, and why wouldn't they? Who gives a shit?

Here is the basic summation of the stupid fucking rhetoric we will read here on N4G for the next 5+ years:
Ps4 fanboy moron: "The 720 SUX! The ps4 is soooo much better than the 720. FTW!" Game "A" is better than your game "B".
720 fanboy moron: "The Ps4 SUX! The 720 is soooo much better than the Ps4. FTW!" Game "B" is better than your game "A".

These consoles are going to be exactly like politicians...same sort of shit, different pile.
#19 (Edited 1061d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   1061d ago
Don't forget the PC fanboy morons :

"Consoles SUCK! PC gaming is soooo much better than console gaming. FTW! Game "C" is better than games "A" and "B".
ufo8mycat  +   1061d ago
Copying the 360 controller? The PS4 controller layout is more like the DS3 layout.

I can tell you one thing PS4 won't copy and thats RROD.
SonyAddict  +   1061d ago
Who wrights this bullshit!?.
spoonard  +   1061d ago
Seems to me the PS3 isn't borrowing ANYTHING from the 360. All of the announced services are NOT available on the 360. Except the cross game chat.
dfgerdfger698   1061d ago | Spam
jagstar44  +   1061d ago
well xbox practically coppied playstation in the first place so who cares, there was nintendo who had their audidence, then playstation carved it's own niche in the market generally to more teenage to adult came along and directly did the exact same as PlayStation
Thunderhawkxbox   1061d ago | Immature | show
UnHoly_One  +   1061d ago
I just wish they would move that left joystick to the upper position.

That's all I want, is that too much to ask?

profgerbik  +   1061d ago
Oh god now everyone is saying they are copying the Xbox? Microsoft has done nothing but take other peoples ideas, there not one thing Microsoft has ever innovated. I can say that about Nintendo and Sony though gaming wise they have made some innovations.

It doesn't matter either. Every company in the world looks at its competitors and sometimes looks at their ideas to see how they can make them better. That is life, that is how the human mind works.. deal with it. There is not a single person on this planet who's every idea is completely original.

You can't name one and the same could still be said today. We are smart but we are practically blank slates, everything we learn is from observation in some way. If we can't observe chances are we aren't going to learn much of anything outside of ourselves.

Why is that so hard for people to accept? Why does everyone or everything have to be a individual or the original one? Sadly that isn't how we work, so try all you might you will always be a reflection of a another person in some way.
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tommygunzII  +   1060d ago
Microsoft could release the big Atari joystick and people would buy it up, and think they invented it. :)

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