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A gift from the Gods or fresh from the pit of Hades?

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Moebius692075d ago

Not a bad score but i think it it should be a little higher maybe a 8.5

-Superman-2075d ago

Nah, its great game, but its more like DLC, kinda like new maps, few new villain, and thats it.
I think if God of War 4 was on PS4, then it would be score higher.
It just great game, but nothing new. Reminds me Fifa games.

NewMonday2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

7.8 is harsh on all the effort the developers did on more difficult jobs like game play programming/graphics.

Irishguy952075d ago

Effort =/= quality. Just are based on the quality of the game. The creators of Too Human surely put in more effort and time than most devs...didn't make the final product any good

jimbobwahey2075d ago

The thing that I found odd was the reviewer stating that although the game has much improved combat mechanics and the introduction of a multiplayer mode, he feels that the game doesn't offer much new over its predecessors.

Now if he feels that way and wants to mark the game down for that opinion then that's fair enough, but it's very contradictory to then go give high scores to the latest Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Fifa, Halo, Uncharted etc when they all suffer from the exact same problem as well.

That's one thing that's really frustrating about reviews, is the lack of consistency. The latest COD will be praised for sticking to what works, while the latest God of War will be marked down for doing the exact same thing.

I mean if you held other games to the same standard, pretty much every AAA game would be rated a 7/10.

NewMonday2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )


from the review:
+Satisfying "much improved"combat
+Epic finale
+Immaculate presentation
-forgettable story

just saying if they like all the more important aspects that make or break the game they need to better communicate that than an arbitrary sum-all score.

the story of Vanquish was a joke, but the gameplay makes it the best pure action shooter this generation.

we need constructive criticism to help games improve not pointless trolling.

clintagious6502075d ago


I totally agree. As I said before, reviews nowadays are a effing joke. They are like the refs of NFL. They are ruining games and because of these bs reviews it almost makes devs change the game to try an make reviewers happy with the next installment but the problem with that is your taking a big RISK of losing alot of your FAN BASE.

I just finished fighting the boss with his tales of the crypt brother attached to him & man. I cant believe how EPIC these BOSS battles are. The game at this point is still 9.5 for me. The Boss Battles ALONE are unlike ANY other bosses on any other games i played. Thats how freakin BADAZZ the boss battles are in GOWA. The electricity power kicks azz too. I love this game.

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-Superman-2075d ago

No point to disagree with me. Its still great score, but i think they wanted to say that they should make new God of War game, but fully changed and on PS4.
Games usually get lower score when game looks very much same as last game.

NewMonday2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I'm not exited about the story, but praising the game all over and giving it A big deduction just for narrative is not fair

-Superman-2075d ago

I think prequel, it great to finish this gen god of war. Make some 3 year break, and make it on PS4, new story, new villains, everything changed.
Just extra fun :)

coolbeans2075d ago

The problem is he didn't "praise the game all over." Even at the conclusion of the video review he calls the gameplay by-the-numbers and didn't think the MP was compelling enough to keep players continually coming back to it.

Skips2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

I agree.

After that final boss........ Man, I don't think I could give it anything lower than an 8.5. lol The rest of the game was epic too. Seems like everyone's giving it an 8/10 though. Which defintely isn't bad considering this is the third prequel in the franchise. If you aren't counting Betrayals of course.

Seriously can't wait for SSM's new IP and GOWIV next gen. :D

fei-hung2075d ago

This game is being trolled hard by reviewers. Been playing this game all last night and not only does it improve on everything from GoW3 and then some, but it is easily the best hack and slash ge I've played this gen.

The scale, the gameplay, the story, everything has been finely tuned up to kick the 50 shades of grey out of series fans senses and anyone who plays it.

In other words, reviewers are doing what they do best, trolling the game hard for whatever stupid reason.

Adam Sessler can do one whining about a little trophy. Anyone who has played the game and seen some of the trophies knows they have been given names which are puns of sayings and films. The fact he missed that and went on raging about it says a lot to how much attention he paid.

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NewMonday2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )


good, but just enough to get hits

xPhearR3dx2075d ago

Because IGN is in dire need of hits right? Please. The game has an 80 Metacritic and a 78 User Rating, which is also what IGN scored it. They scored this game 0.2 points lower than the average review. Try harder next time.

Ezz20132075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

so metacritc user score matter now ?!
so you agree that halo 4 is 6.9 game ?!

anyway 7.8 is very good score that's pretty much an 8/10
i have no problem with IGN review...i don't agree with their score and most who played the game don't agree with it
as of Most of who played it think it's the best GOW game yet or atleast on par with GOW3

but it's ok for me ...i just don't share IGN opinion

Good_Guy_Jamal2075d ago

Who are these most we keep hearing about? Are you friends with every God of war fan out there who has played the game? I sure hope you aren't talking about the hardcore fans on God of War and Playstation forums because they are about as unbiased as you are. . .Which isn't very.

Ezz20132075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )


why don't you go to Neogaf,IGN,Gamespot,gamtrailer s etc and read the comments on reviews and forums
see for your self

and are you saying ..hmm ..that GOW fans if they say they like it they are baised ?!
and only the Non-GOW fans should voice their opinion

it's like saying halo/gears fans should not voice their opinion on halo/gears because they are i right ?!

lol good god!! man you are soo lame

xPhearR3dx2075d ago


Halo 4 has nothing to do with God of War, but yes, I do. Halo 4's entire campaign was circled map layouts pressing the same green button over and over until you reach the next area where you pressed the same green button.

Most people don't agree with it? Where are you getting that information? The Playstation forums? Yeah, because they're totally not bias. I never said Metacritic user scores matter, but for this particular game, they're on par with IGN's score and 0.2 points off the average critic's reviews.

Face it. God of War is starting to fall off, just like Gears of War. The hardware is limited and the devs are running out of ideas. Just because a game carries a well respected name doesn't instantly make it a good game. Fans of those high praised series (God of War, Gears of War, Halo, etc) don't want to say one of their favorite games isn't that great anymore so instead of admitting it, they blindly defend an average game. Instead of being so prideful, you should be posting feedback on the devs forums so they can improve their game instead of fanboys saying "OMG best game ever" and then getting a repeat of the game they got a year or two ago.

Ezz20132075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

good for you that you think halo 4 sucks
for me though it's a great game

but lol dude this is PS3 exclusive ...which mean PS3 owners are the only one's who should say their one else
lol XD are talking like it to be fair it should be talked about in Xbox forums lol XD

you say PS3 forums ...and i said
"go to Neogaf,IGN,Gamespot,gamtrailer s etc and read the comments on reviews and forums"

and are really saying game that get 8/10 from a review
mean it's not great game and it's average game?! dear god !!
you lost every crediblty you had there

nothing more to say really

GribbleGrunger2075d ago (Edited 2075d ago )

Someone who hasn't played a GOW game would have to give this a 10/10 ... surely? They would have no experience to compare it to and so their score wouldn't be relative. Someone who doesn't play GOW because they don't like the idea of it would score it 5/10 ... surely? Clearly the fact that they haven't played the game and never intended to suggests they are more biased than someone who actually HAS played the game before.

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DivineAssault 2075d ago

i had a feeling it would turn out this way.. The E3 videos showed him fighting elephant people & a few others that drew me in thinking there were many new enemy types but i guess there isnt.. The cyclops giant in the background while fighting in multiplayer made me think of many different gameplay types but they arent there.. Oh well, i love GOW & ill be buying this one anyway to add it to the mix but im going to finish my backlogs first.. Sorry santi monica, i would love to show some love buy getting it right away but $60 for a paper thin story line isnt my cup of tea..

VonBraunschweigg2075d ago

Bought it yesterday for 65 euros, started playing on hard and I'm absolutely loving every second of it so far, it feels like the best God of War game imo.

And maaan does it look gooood, there were moments during the opening fight with Aegean the Hecatonchires I thought I would easily except the visuals on display as PS4 footage, it's really impressive how they turned it up a notch. Kinda like Naughty Dog did after the wonderfull Uncharted 2.

As for scores. If you're not a fan and play it on normal, it's a nice 8 point something game. For fans playing on hard it's easily a 9+ masterpiece. Imo well worth the 3 year wait and those extra 5 bucks.

Nykamari2075d ago

You just wait, to me its atleast a 9. The combat tweak is different but I like it. Oh the boss fight are like WOW did they just do that. I think most reviewers are hating because of Sony's new system. Yeah I said it. How to slow down the beast is by bad mouthing it high quality games. You think they are abusing this game, wait to see how they mess with The Last of Us. It's not going to be ugly.

DivineAssault 2075d ago

wow.. That sounds pretty good.. maybe ill get it since i got paid already.. i loved all the others but all the reviews are saying its the weakest link & that it feels repetitive

Studio-YaMi2075d ago

I think it's getting lots of mid scores is because it didn't feel like a FULL-ON God of War game,it's still a pretty good game,just not as quality enough as the earlier ones.

Nykamari2075d ago

It's everything god of war should be, you learned why he is angry. Yeah god of war 3 had some awesome boss fights, but this game has an awesome fight that might be the best of the all. If you finished the game you will no what I'm talking about.

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