Dead Space 3 US sales hit 605,000 | Gamespot

Gamespot: "Dead Space 3, which launched February 4, sold 605,000 units in the United States during February, according to NPD data provided to GameSpot today. The action-horror title was the best-selling game in the US during the month, knocking Call of Duty: Black Ops II from the top spot for the first time since launch."

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ShoryukenII1980d ago

For a Dead Space game, I don't think that this is good. Hopefully EA learns to listen to their fans after this and SimCity.

konnerbllb1980d ago

That's 1 month. Dead space lifetime sales are what, 2 million for each iteration? That's pretty good for one month.

floetry1011980d ago

DS3 needed to sell about 5 million units to be profitable for EA. I doubt it'll get there. A testament to EA's destruction of a potentially classic franchise.

humbleopinion1980d ago

I just find it hilarious how people complain about the destruction of "a potentially classic franchise" just because the game didn't sell 5 million copies, when neither DS1 nor 2 sold anything close to that amount.

coolbeans1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Those people complaining of said destruction aren't using an arbitrary rationality like "X game must sell this much because I said so;" they're basing it off the unfair sales expectations EA themselves put forth for this threequel.

EffectO1980d ago

Well,that number is much better than DS2 start.

bad naruto1980d ago

good, now give me a Dead Space game for my PSvita.

brich2331980d ago

dead space 3 was a slight dissapointment in my eyes.

MysticStrummer1980d ago

That;s reasonable. Unfortunately many on here like to exaggerate, screaming about a game being completely ruined because of one thing or another. DS3 isn't as good as the first two games in the series, but it's still an above average game and the series is still one of the best of all time.

Braid1980d ago

The only issue I have with Dead Space 3 is the nonsensical story. Other than that the game itself was good enough.

kamauhigh1980d ago

Looks like those rumors about Dead Space 4 being cancelled are little more credible now.

Alos881980d ago

If so, only because some idiot at EA decided it needed to hit 5 million sales to be profitable (which is bullshit, it most likely didn't need to hit half that to make a profit).

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