Rambo: The Video Game - New Screenshot Showcases In-Game Action

DSOGaming writes: "Reef Entertainment has released a new screenshot for its upcoming Rambo game, showcasing some in-game action from it."

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guitarded771980d ago

I forgot this game was even being developed. Odds are it's gonna suck... which is unfortunate, because the Rambo license could actually make for a decent game.

camel_toad1980d ago

Yep the chances of suck is very high. They should've taken my advice and made Rambo a puzzle game.

TheFamous11980d ago

This game will be terrible.

ATi_Elite1980d ago

If Rambo was like some Open World RPG Survival FPS then yeh it would be a great game.

But as just some GENERIC corridor shooter....MEH, TRASH!!!

Kyosuke_Sanada1980d ago

I truly hope they remembered that John Rambo intention wasn't to kill any of the locals even if they shot at him.

AnotherProGamer1980d ago

If a game has the words "The Video Game" in the title its mostly likely going to suck

Oldman1001979d ago

Haha yah that's true. But then there are some rare instances like Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie, which actually turned out to be a decent game.

Studio-YaMi1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Chances are you're getting one,since there's a new Robocop movie being made and all.

And chances also say that's it's gonna suck .. like every other movie to game adaptation.

InMyOpinion1980d ago

Ah, I didn't know they are making a new one. If it's Paul Verhoeven directing it could be good, if not it will most likely suck.

An open world FPS Robocop game has potential to be good though.

Wouldn't mind seeing a Judge Dredd open world game either.

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