Long Live The Old Republic

Chris tells us why despite the critics and naysayers, Star Wars: The Old Republic still means a lot to him.

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Snookies121954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I would give it a shot with the F2P version if it weren't so HORRIBLY restricting. Sorry, I'm interested, but not enough to plop down money on it before trying. It's worse than WoW's F2P crap.

Software_Lover1954d ago

Yeah, I'm currently playing it and some of the restrictions suck. Just take the restrictions off and make it take longer to level up.

I have more fun playing APB reloaded. They seem to have done things the right way. I also like Global Agenda, with the exception of non paying players cant have jetpacks.

GamerEuphoria1954d ago

The WoW free to play is more of a trial to be fair.

Snookies121954d ago

No no, Blizzard actually did label it as being "Free to play up to level 20". I would be fine with that, if they didn't add all the restrictions beyond just a level cap...

GamerEuphoria1954d ago

It does its job at exposing the game to people. It doesn't need to increase its f2p content due to its popularity

biRdy1954d ago

They do give hundreds of hours of story content for free.

Bimkoblerutso1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Well, you could just pay the 14.99 per month. It's still a competent mmo, really. Nothing outrageously great or anything, but it's at least worth playing through a couple of the storylines with a few friends.

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Kran1954d ago

I still play it.

Heck, that's all my subscribers ask for on my channel :P

coolbeans1954d ago

Funny...I actually wanted to get a blog about changes from beginning to RotHC.

I'll admit, my enjoyment started to wane once the profusion of cartel market items can into effect. Hopefully the new story content delivers.