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Saints Row 4 is not coming to Wii U

Saints Row 4, which was properly revealed this morning with a bombastic teaser trailer from new publisher Deep Silver, will not come to Wii U, a representative for the company told Polygon. (Deep Silver, Saints Row 4, Wii U)

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NYC_Gamer  +   746d ago
3rd party studios are skipping over Wii-U just like they did with the original Wii
ShabbaRanks  +   746d ago
anyway WiiU owners wont be missing out on this garbage... this isn't a SaintsRow game anymore, but more like SaintsAlienRowInvasion
Hydrolex  +   746d ago
what is a Wii U ???? I heard it's a potato
aawells07  +   746d ago
@ShabbaRanks Oh man, that was really terrible.
ChickeyCantor  +   746d ago
As a WiiU owner, I love my pc.
LOL_WUT  +   746d ago
Is Nintendo even aware of these games? Its like they don't even bother to look or try and get 3rd party support. ;)
NYC_Gamer  +   746d ago
Nintendo isn't trying hard enough to get real 3rd party support...It's not like many Nintendo fans care about third party software though..Many of them will come inside the thread with that"we don't care" mindset anyway.
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guitarded77  +   746d ago
@ NYC_Gamer

That has been one of Nintendo's biggest set backs... their most avid fans put the "I don't care" statement everywhere. I bought a Wii U day one, and have hoped to see Nintendo take online seriously, and add trophies/achievements, and gain some serious third party support. But if you even offer an honest criticism, which could help to advance Nintendo if enough people got behind it, there is this mass of people who say "how dare you". It's like a fundamentalist religious sect. I have owned every Nintendo console since the NES, and really enjoy Nintendo exclusives, yet I am crucified by people who didn't begin gaming until the 64 or later generations. Nintendo's biggest problem IMO is the lack of "fans" pushing them further in the industry. Now watch the disagrees from those very people pile up.
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herbs  +   746d ago
Jesus I wish I waited like another year to buy the Wii U, the support for this system is abysmal at best, so many games would benefit from the Gamepad but its just not happening. I hate how Nintendo said there system would be so easy to develop for when in fact they basically just tailored it to there own needs and now its being avoided by basically 98% of relevant developers. I have always liked Nintendo products but it absolutely sucks ass buying a new gaming console and having it just sit and collect dust for months on end it's pathetic and Im starting to feel like Nintendo has ripped me off. I'm not trolling I'm being honest Nintendo is failing and they better have at least 5 great exclusives coming this fall/winter or there Wii U system will become completely irrelevant as a gaming console.
solid_warlord  +   746d ago
Wii U is a console for kids and Ninty fans, its not a console you play mature games like GTA, saints row, red dead ect. Without third party games, Wii U is dead. Mario's and
Zelda's are Not enough to save the system just as it wasn't enough to save gamecube. Its time for Ninty to get out of home console hardware and become a third party publisher.
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JP1369  +   746d ago
Mature is not a word I would use to describe the Saints Row series.
solid_warlord  +   746d ago
@JP1369 its as mature as watching softcore porn...still for MATURE audience as apposed to watching teletubbies.
deafdani  +   746d ago
"Mario's and Zelda's are Not enough to save the system just as it wasn't enough to save gamecube."

I'll let you know: Nintendo sold the Gamecube at a profit almost since launch, and they sold about 21 million of them.

Microsoft sold the Xbox at a loss for the entirety of that generation, and they sold about 24 million units.

Do you think Microsoft "won" just because they sold more consoles?
AngelicIceDiamond  +   746d ago
Its not the Nintendo fans "we don't care" mindset. It's a combination of Nintendo's late adaptation and Nintendo's poor, poor third party partnerships.

If a Nintendo fans goes to GameSpot and says "Dead Space 3 please."

Retailer: "Sure, for what system?"

"The Wii U."

"Oh I'm sorry, Deadspace 3 is not available for Wii U PS3 and 360 only."

Think about it, that's devastation. A Nintendo fans is looking forward to Dead Space 3 on Wii U but can't buy it because his company has terrible third party partnerships.

Can I buy Madden? Not available.
Can I buy Saints Row IV? Not available.
Can I buy Battlefield 4? Not available.
Can I buy Grand Theft Auto 5? Not available.

And it goes on, what does a Nintendo fan do from there? Do research to see if the game is available on there console? We'll find out in 3 short months at E3 for Nintendo's answer in all of these serious issues.

I want some serious answer's from Nintendo this year. I want them to address everything regarding the constant ongoing problems with the system. This is an outrage.

EDIT: Ok so apparently we do have a some careless Nintendo fans in here. Then why am I in here defending this when you the ones who have the console don't care that a well know franchise won't be hitting your console?

Listen it isn't just ONE game its MANY games that aren't hitting the system you "fans" are not making things better with your careless attitude. There's a reason MS was super aggressive about third party this gen. And next gen seems to be just as brutal now that Sony is showing great third party strength so what it sound like to me MS and Sony will play tug of war with devs while Nintendo will be just after thought.

Be Prepared for Nintendo's potential down fall in the future and end up like Sega, downsized and just a publisher.
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xursz  +   746d ago
I absolutely agree with you except for Nintendo ending up lke Sega. They deserve credit in the handheld market but their consoles on the other hand have gotten progressively worse. Funny thing is when the psvita started off slow I remember Nintendo fans saying its dead and that no one is supprting it, now the Wiiu is in the same boat and people suddenly don't need 3rd parties. *facepalm*
jmc8888  +   746d ago
You can't buy Madden on Wii U? Are you nuts?

Also the maps all state a BF game is coming to Wii U.

Might want to trolololol a little smarter first.
jmc8888  +   746d ago
Says the sophist.

So exactly what makes you think this?

Because you want to? Oh yeah THATS IT.

Or do you think a game that was mostly done and acquired in bankruptcy court should be looking to add new costs?

...and that based on you is indicative of the status of the Wii U.

Man you have the logic that even Spocks discarded jerked off cum wouldn't agree with.
richierich  +   746d ago
Yeah current gen titles which probably spells bad news
nevin1  +   746d ago
you have to go back to the Snes days to see 3rd party support.
LastXeno  +   746d ago
Not like I care, but... Why exactly?
MasterCornholio  +   746d ago
"Not like I care"

Thats the attitude that scares 3rd partys away from the Wii U.

If you want 3rd party games you better start caring otherwise developers wont care about the Wii U.

Which is what happened to 3rd party support on the N64, Gamecube, Wii and will probably be the same with then Wii U.

Edit: Anyways i know that many people complained about saints row the third but they did produce a great saints row game called Saints row 2. Which was incredibly fun in my opinion which is why i will be watching this title closely.
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Slysi  +   746d ago
Looks like I might trade in my wii u when next gen consoles are here.
Eazy-Eman  +   746d ago
My question is, why buy it in the first place if you knew it wasn't going to have much software in the first year on the market? Stop being an early adopter and just wait a few years when the console has already dropped in price. That's what I'm doing for next generation.
DigitalRaptor  +   746d ago
If current gen games are skipping the Wii U then what does that say about its position as a next gen system?
lilbroRx  +   746d ago
What does it say? Nothing really.

People here clearly want it to say something, though.

I got my Wii U for the things that I couldn't get elsewhere, like Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter 3G Ultimate(looking forward to Tuesday), Monolith's X, Shin'en's games etc...

People "want" Nintendo gamers to feel some kind of sorrow about this kind of news, but I assure that there will be 1000X more Sony fans who consider this news important and/or an issue than Nintendo fans.
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Tei777  +   746d ago
I thought Nintendo would get more support then this, like at least the last of the big current gen games (Bioshock/GTA)..

But why would you buy a wii U for 3rd party titles? If you, as one would hope, bought it for its exclusives, then weak 3rd party support shouldn't warrant selling it. The Zelda's, Mario's, super smash bros, New IP and the like are all on the way... E3 is around the corner. Infact they've already announced all of the above in their Nintendo directs.
brewin  +   746d ago
It tells me that the current gen games are not designed with the Wii U in mind. and since the Wii U IS a next gen console, we wont start seeing REAL next gen games until later this fall when some are actually released.

I mean, why would a developer go back and just slap some random gamepad stuff on a port and toss it out. Real developers would rather put some effort into something to release for the system. Dont count Nintendo out yet, they built this system for the long haul.
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madjedi  +   745d ago
"Dont count Nintendo out yet, they built this system for the long haul." Is this a troll post.

That is absolutely hilarious. The wii u is slightly better than the ps3/360, if it will get any ports it would be current gen games.

The ps4 and 720 will run games the ps3/360, couldn't run no matter how much you try to downgrade the game.

Google is your friend.
lilbroRx  +   746d ago
Are we supposed to care?

No one would buy it even if it did come to the Wii U. There will be too many games out that are much better by then.

So far, the Wii U isn't missing anything that I would actually buy that isn't coming to the PC. The PC version will always be the best choice.

I got my Wii U for the exclusives(not the first party ones either).
Qrphe  +   746d ago
For one who cares so much for the retail performance of the Wii U, any 3rd party title skipping over the Wii U should be a concern.
LOL_WUT  +   746d ago
"There will be too many games out that are much better by then."
Oh, really? And what games might those be? Because until THEN, the current offerings Nintendo have now do little to entice gamers to buy a Wii U. ;)

Also you say you're a PC gamer but you go on and defend Nintendo like no other, is there something you're not telling us?
linkofrs  +   746d ago
A lot of pc gamers have consoles so they can play first party games. All consoles have great first party games. Some of these people prefer to have a Nintendo console because they find them to have more unique games then other consoles. Some of those people will buy a Sony console due to their great first party games. The same goes for Microsoft. I don't see why gamers should be restricted to just a pc or just one console.
PopRocks359  +   746d ago

Are you stupid? At what point did playing PC games mean you can't own a console? Way to spin his comment into something entirely different than what was even remotely implied.
xursz  +   746d ago
Just so you know, I've seen your posts so I know what you do. Think about it though, are you really comfortable pretending third party support is meaningless? That's ridiculous, and believe me you're not doing Nintendo any favors with apologetic freneticism. Honestly are you OK with this being the Wii all over again? I'm not and I don't think nintendo should be either. That's what it looks like so far except the casuals have moved on.

So many 3rd parties have already blown off the Wiiu and it won't get better pretending it doesn't matter; that's all I'm saying.
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brewin  +   745d ago
You people are dissing the Wii u because it isn't getting a port of a shitty game that won't sell on a Nintendo system anyway. Just stfu the u is not dead because it ain't getting a friggin saints row game. When did that become a must play series? I loved part one but the others are pure shit. Why is it so concerning to people that the u get all these ports of current gen games? How long did it take the 360 and ps3 to get some quality games? Gamers have such short memories.
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HG_69   746d ago | Spam
Clarence  +   746d ago
The 3rd party games aren't selling well on Nintendo these days. Wii sports, Mario, and Zelda did well on the Wii but that was it. Nintendo is now considerd a casual console. Nintendo got lucky with the Wii. It won't happen with the Wii u. Gimmicks only last for so long.

With the PS4 and the next Xbox you will be able to connect to your console using tablets and the vita. Nintendo tried the gimmick thing again, but this time it backfired.

Why would anybody buy the Wii u version of the game when it will be better on the PS4 and the next Xbox.

The numbers don't lie. It was only a 40k difference between the 360 and PS4, but the Wii u...ouch

Patcher got this one right.

I agree with you sir.
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Bumpmapping  +   746d ago
Wii U is the Gamecube all over again.

@meganick yes very few sadly :(
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meganick  +   746d ago
That would be great. The Gamecube had a lot of great games.
Nevers0ft  +   746d ago
Speaking as a Wii U owner - "I care"

My PC isn't exactly a gaming rig (nor do I want it to be) and since the untimely death of my 360, my Wii U is my only gaming machine and I want some sandbox-style lovin! I was hoping Lego City might be a decent, and funny, open world game but it sounds like it's a little too like the other Lego games to hold my interest. So what with Saints Row and GTAV skipping the Wii U it looks like Watch_Dogs is getting my money (although in fairness, it was anyway).
CaulkSlap  +   746d ago
It's barely powerful enough to port 360/PS3 games to, let alone run the real next-gen games. Why would any 3rd party even bother to invest development time learning a system that has no 3rd party future outside of junk tailor made for nintendo fanboys and kiddie shovelware?

All it would have taken for Nintendo to dominate this generation is a little investment on the hardware side and opening up to 3rd party developers. Instead they repeated the Wii plan of overpriced garbage hardware with a gimmick and no plans for software. That greedy scam wasn't going to work again so now they're hopefully back to Gamecube era sales as deserved.
linkofrs  +   746d ago
I will agree that the Wii U is lacking in terms of power, and I was a bit disappointed in it but, saying that its barely powerful enough to port 360/ps3 games is a very long stretch. It has around as much power as a midrange pc where as the other consoles will be upper-mid or lower-high range technology. Most likely lower-high range but, anything game that developers make at this point could be scaled to run on any next gen console.
Legend_Killer  +   746d ago
it's barely powerful enough to run PS360 games? do u know it's running the PC version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted? something that PS360 can't take? Do u know that the ports currently on the WiiU dint take more than 5 months to port? Do you know EA had Crysis 3 ready for Wii U?
Don't go saying things you don't know. No dev has attempted pushing the WiiU so don't say it's not powerful enough
DivineAssault  +   746d ago
wii u isnt going to get much of anything from 3rd party..
Legend_Killer  +   746d ago
but it will eventually. the same was the case with 3DS
DivineAssault  +   746d ago
what in the world makes u think that? N64 DIDNT.. gamecube DIDNT.. Wii DIDNT... DS was so so & 3DS is decent (in japan its much better).. I dont see how u can think it will get good support.. I know they get sprinkles of good games here n there from publishers but never much.. Especially exclusives.. Publishers always port their nintendo made games
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Mecca4  +   746d ago
Kids don't even know who mario is these days, but they know Stevie Griffen, family guy is stealing what little is left of nintendos kid base, soon the fat woman and old people will leave, lol then they will start making home appliances,like they should
khowat  +   745d ago
Home appliances how random
MNGamer-N  +   746d ago
This is why I will be purchasing a PS4, to accompany my WiiU. Why does everyone on here think they can ONLY own one system? I will be playing Nintendo games, and PS4 games. To me, if you buy a Nintendo system, you do it to play Nintendo games. If you don't like Nintendo's games, then don't buy the system. I think they have some games that are worth purchasing a system for, but they aren't out yet, its only been a couple of months.
Jadedz  +   746d ago
What's the point anymore?
I'm so fed up with Nintendo and the Wii U. They've cornered themselves in a corner (yet again) and expect me to suffer in the process?

Disgruntled owner is disgruntled.
MNGamer-N  +   746d ago
You are suffering? As in physical and mental discomfort? If playing games which is meant to be FUN is causing you mental and physical anguish, then I think you should choose a new hobby, IMO. Just have some patience and wait for the good games to come. This is now getting out of control only 4 months in.
Jadedz  +   746d ago
No (lmao)
I'm just a long-time Nintendo fan that's been through it all. I just want the Wii U to be supported with 3rd party software, but there's always a ''catch.''
PopRocks359  +   746d ago
I'd be lying if I said I didn't care. Of course I want more 3rd party support for my preferred platform. Nothing I can do if the majority do not share that support. But people need to realize that simply pinning all of the blame on Nintendo (as usual) is not exactly going to stir up anything more than the same usual debate.

Do you expect Nintendo to get exclusivity rights on every 3rd party game in existence? Nintendo has already stated they are interested in pursuing more partnerships like the one with Platinum Games and Team Ninja. Stuff like that cannot happen over night.
khowat  +   746d ago
dude you'll get phantom disagrees for just being you...

I know that people have different opinions and have the right to disagree with PopRocks359

but seriously guys


you guys


PopRocks359  +   746d ago
Eh, I'm used to it. I would appreciate it more though if people would at least explain why they click a button that says disagree and hopefully bring a viable argument to the table without sounding pretentious or inherently rude or insulting.

Granted I myself can get sarcastic, snide and even nasty in some of my comments, but usually it's in response to those types of remarks. Or trolls.
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zeldafreak404  +   746d ago
I've play all the saints row games but this one doesnt entice me.
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brewin  +   746d ago
Was a huge fan of SR 1. Part 2 was ok, but Saints Row 3 was my biggest let down of this generation! The control and graphics were spot on, but what the hell have they done to the essence of what Saints was?! The second half of SR 3 was the most disappointed Ive been with a game for a long time. The Wii U crowd aint really missing much. This has gone so far off from what Saints was all about that they might as well just cal it something else entirely.
Kiddcarter  +   746d ago
As someone with a wii u, all i can say is I'm glad i have a ps3, and pc because the future isn't looking so bright, I'm holding out hope that things change because i just went past my 30 days with it, so i cant return it anymore, with so many games not coming to wii u and nintendo not really offering anything on the first party front as of yet, im starting to regret my purchase, especially since im not a nintendo fan and the wii u is my first nintendo system since i was a kid with a super nintendo
BootHammer  +   746d ago
As others have stated, its way too early to spell DOOM for the new console. What Nintendo needs to do is actually start promoting this thing. Release some trailers, screenshots, gameplay and teasers for the exciting first party games promised and surprise us with a new IP announcement as well. Basically these guys need a game-plan to reignite excitement about the Wii U and its games. Their first try wasn't stellar.
madjedi  +   745d ago
You can definitively tell the nintendo fans that started with the nes/snes vs the n64 and later guys.

Some of you people are arrogant, the only reason nintendo did so well in the nes/snes era was the incredible 3rd party support.

Since several of you are say fuck third party devs we don't need them, i think they are giving you their response back since many newly released and upcoming games show no signs of a wii u port. Enjoy.

@Boot The known lineup is blah, you'll get some nintendo ips at e3 and post, but it's almost a strictly massive nintendo fan's console.

You need another 2-3 yrs of exclusives and a $150-200 price drop, before it's picked up as a secondary system in any significant numbers.

Anything they try to bring at e3 will be drowned out by all the ps4/720 new console gen hype. They have a yr on the market by themselves and they will squander it.
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