Hacker can edit, tweak or destroy anyone’s metropolis in SimCity

YouTube user UKAzzer has found a way to edit, tweak or destroy any user’s city in SimCity, effectively bypassing EA’s DRM and giving him the ability to wreak havoc on anyone’s saved city.

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Godmars2901951d ago

How long has the game been out? How much more of a hit can EA take over this?

Yi-Long1951d ago

... this travesty of a release is still selling very very well.

So despite all the 'always online' crap, despite the DLC-milking that's already been announced, despite the smaller cities, and despite the horrible launch and other bugs and stuff that's just crap, EA can just shrug their shoulders, look at the sales, and say: "Hey, we did OK!"

.... which is ofcourse horrible.

Blastoise1951d ago

As if the game wasnt unreliable you gotta watch out for a City destroying hacker too!

kostchtchie_1951d ago

can't wait to see the fun ways hackers destroy peoples city

Godmars2901951d ago

More like rebuilding them into pornographic shapes.

kostchtchie_1950d ago

ha ha, indeed

people will log in be like wtf how did that strip club get there

Godmars2901950d ago

Thinking more of having buildings grouped into boobs or a face, the streets phallic so that traffic is - coming and going all over the place.

Really, your icon's the Joker and all you can come up with is dropping a strip club or two here or there?


cyclindk1950d ago

Game sounding a bit more interesting now oddly enough... where can I buy it?!

JKelloggs1950d ago

People are taking this the wrong way, this guy is finding out glitches, and not releasing them to people, because he is expecting EA/Maxis to fix it. Take it that way guys, not everyone's city is going to get destroyed over the next few days..

Godmars2901950d ago

Uh, he's giving warning that the hack is easy to do. That others will do it.

1950d ago