Acclaimed Indie Adventure Machinarium Coming to PS Vita March 26th

PlayStation.Blog: "We’re thrilled to be bringing our acclaimed adventure title Machinarium to PS Vita. When the PS3 version was released, we called it the best version of the game. In it, we added lots of new features — like the ability to zoom in to get a closer look at the scene, magnetic hotspots, Trophies and more."

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ShugaCane2019d ago

Awesome ! That game is fantastic, I'm glad more people will have the chance to play it.

MikeMyers2019d ago

Agreed, and it's only $7.

Cam9772019d ago

I highly recommend it; the puzzles are fun and the art style contains an extensive palette of attractive colours. Furthermore, the soundtrack is engaging with some unexpected twists later on in the game.

Snookies122019d ago

Seems like Vita is getting quite a few indie games lately. Very good to see indeed.

Cam9772019d ago

If you're into horror Indie games check out Lone Survivor, a game coming to Vita with some serious classic Silent Hill vibes to it.

Snookies122019d ago

Yeah, I've got Lone Survivor on my PC, but haven't played too much yet. It does seem like a great game though, and it's good news to hear that it's coming to Vita as well. :]

WeAreLegion2019d ago

Tons of indie titles for Vita! :D

MasterCornholio2019d ago

I played this game for free with plus.

And it was good.

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