The wildest shots from today's Saints Row 4 trailer

GameZone writes, "Being a teaser, much of the action was extremely short, with quick cuts, never really letting us take in what Saints Row 4 is all about. Guns, girls, super powers, mechs and testosterone, can all be viewed right here as we hand selected the best of the best stills from the video."

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Murad2013d ago

I swear if this is Saints Row 4, then I am honestly never going to buy Saints Row ever again. Saints Row 2 and 1 were unbelievable. I haven't personally had the chance to experience Saints Row the Third on my PC, because it has some problems with AMD graphic cards, but from the trailers and let's play, that game is a joke about d**ks and the most pathetic excuse for humour.

2pacalypsenow2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Saints row 3 is the same

Murad2010d ago

It's not the same, ask anyone who is a true fan of SA 2.

AcceptedWalnut2013d ago

I can run SR3 on an AMD card fine, whats the problems?

Murad2010d ago

It's running strangely slow. It gets a lot of hiccups even on the lowest settings, and strangely enough I can run titles like Crysis 2, or even some of the games that take the most amount of effort to run, while Saints Row the third-when it was free to play on Steam for two days- ran abnormally slow ( 10 fps) on the lowest settings.

AcceptedWalnut2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Something does sound odd to be getting that kind of performance. I'm not even running a high end amd card (HD6850) and unless i stick everything on ultra i get decent frame rates.

Although i get similar issues in APB:Reloaded, i can run loads of games perfectly fine but APB freezes every 10 seconds and i cant play it at all.

TuxedoMoon2013d ago

I don't know how to feel about this games futuristic approach. Saints row 3 was stupid, but stupid fun. This seems way too over the top for its own good, but I'll give it a try either way.

ironfist922013d ago

It looks similar to SR3, but, didnt SR4 start as as DLC for SR3 anyway?

Sarobi2013d ago

Besides some super powers, this doesn't look like much has changed from the previous game.

AcceptedWalnut2013d ago

I thought the same, infact it looked more like a trailer for DLC.

Psychonaut2013d ago

Yeah, infact and im not alone on this people are thinking the last SR3DLC (which features the energy drink mascot) they withheld until four they are not calling that dlc stand alone 4 at a budget price and are shoe horning maybe extra dlc into it if it sells well. i.e this isnt SR4 but the last SR3DLC.

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