Deep Silver Announces PAX East 2013 Lineup

Prepares to Rule Show Floor With Iron Fisttext

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Eldyraen2019d ago

To be fair, PAX is a little more consumer/gamer based compared to GDC so not a big surprise. GDC is great time to see new tech but usually more reveal/insider shows in comparison.

GDC should let us all see more into what devs are capable of where PAX will show us actual games and get us more previews preE3. Basically, its a great week all around (month for that matter).

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2019d ago

GDC starts 1 day after PAX East so it doesn't really matter which place they're at because they're not spaced out enough to make a difference.

Wedge192019d ago

Starting to make a bit of a name for themselves.

ftwrthtx2019d ago

They have an awesome PR department.

dbjj120882019d ago

Can't wait to see more of THQ's stuff even though I think Deep Silver is just OK as a publisher.

Orpheus2019d ago

Metro Last Light: Thats gonna blow crysis 3 away in terms of graphics and gameplay ... neither will other next gen games or PC games able to surpass it anytime soon ... they are a bunch of mad scientists working in Ukraine who do not even have time for a tweeter account to make bold claims.