Kojima wants Ground Zeroes to be “a true open world experience” with “limitless gameplay”

OPM: Forget The Phantom Pain’s smoke and mirrors for a second: the real Hideo Kojima has spoken actual words about what he’s, “trying to accomplish with Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes”. The thrust of it is everything. He’s trying to do everything.

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BullyMangler1979d ago

Kojima: So, do you want to get there by helicopter, or do you want to get there by plane, are you going to ride in a vehicle, or are you going to take a bike. = yes please

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Timesplitter141979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I think DayZ/Wasteland are great inspirations for this. These mods prove how amazing open-world games can be with stealth involved. Compare DayZ to a 100% action-focused open-world game like Battlefield 3 and you instantly notice how much the stealth element makes open-world games greater.

One of my favorite gameplay moments of MGS3 was when you had to attack some small military base that had a radio tower and a helicopter. If I recall correctly, it was right after a claymore mine field. I just loved approaching the base from any angle I wanted and plant C4 everywhere and plan my attack. Hopefully Ground Zeroes can recreate this in a truly open world

trenso11979d ago

i have to agree dayz has so much stealh into like when your following a player or waiting to make an ambush its very nerve racking

adorie1979d ago

Look at that troll face Kojima displays naturally.

ATi_Elite1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

..........about friggin time!

Next Gen Consoles have the power for OPEN WORLD Games and that is what the best Games IMO are.


See Arma 3 or DayZ or S.T.A.L.K.E.R. if you don't understand!

Corridors and Linear Game Play are DEAD!

stuntman_mike1979d ago

where's my take the bus option?

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ShoryukenII1978d ago

If it's on PS3 and 360, then the Wii U would not be the one doing the gimping.

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portal_21979d ago

Super exited for Ground Zeroes.

ShabbaRanks1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

me too, can't wait. Still didn't finish MGS4 (I did finish it before the trophies were available, but not since the trophy patch) and I'm hoping for some MGO3 news :D

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BlmThug1979d ago

Ground Zeroes is my most wanted game for next gen :D MGS4 is by far the greatest game for me of all time :D

Septic1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

I like how ambitious he is. What he's striving to achieve is no mean feat and plenty of developers have failed in their attempts to offer what they originally set out to do when designing an open world game.

Obviously, a loose interpretation of the word limitless should be applied here but I think Kojima can really deliver when it comes to making the world featured in the Phantom Pain as one that feels organic. He has always had an eye for quirky details and with MGS4, there were several moments of these little touches that made you stop and realise how much the game was a labour of love and why others didn't follow suit.

The only real danger here is that, that kind of desire to maintain that attention to detail inevitably gets diluted to achieve the scope of a large open world simply by virtue of the fact that you have a such a large play area to contend with, with all the complexities of catering for a dynamic, believable and immersive game space.

But at the same time, this is a natural progression for the franchise (if it is part of it). With the likes of Kojima at the helm, you feel confident that it isn't just the traditional formula injected with steroids; it will be bigger no doubt but also better by being smarter.

MariaHelFutura1979d ago

Have they official talked about what platforms this is for?

plaZeHD1979d ago

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Next gen platforms are confirmed.

MasterCornholio1979d ago

Hmm i wonder if Kojima considers the Wii U a next gen platform.


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