fermcr1142d ago

I still haven't played Saints Row 3.
Have it on Steam and haven't touched it yet.

RustedMan1142d ago

was thinking the same thing.

Hydrolex1141d ago

that game is turning into something totally different... wtf

StraightPath1142d ago

pretty much all saints row games were average. The over the top nature wears off very quickly leaving a average open world game. Saints Row 3 had a game world that was dull and boring. It felt lifeless and bland.

GEO98751142d ago

Hightly dissagree with you, i felt that sr3 felt live and vivid. And sr3 aint boring!!

Derekvinyard131141d ago

It's not a horrible game, it's fun sometimes and also could get repetitive

Magnus1142d ago

I had respect for the franchise and I loved the franchise until I saw this. I am avoiding the the franchise now.

ShabbaRanks1142d ago

yup what the hell is this anyway... SaintsRow alien invasion ? wtf lol

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BALLARD321142d ago

RIP Saints Row. I'll never forget Saints Row 2. :(

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