Will The PS4′s Remote Gaming Feature Captivate, Or Will It Fizzle?

Sony's new remote gaming application has a lot of potential possibilities, but faces hurdles as well. Blake from Leviathyn examines some of these possible pitfalls, as well as some of the positive applications of the new tech.

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MysticStrummer1407d ago

Depends on how many devices and games it will work with. This is just one more article based on a premature question.

PrimeLantern1407d ago

I think this time it will be a used feature. If so many games use it, and I have my vita out, ill try it randomly.

--Onilink--1406d ago

Well more features are always welcome, but to be honest i can think of that many uses for the touchpad so far. If it had been a screen it could have provided some interesting OS oportunities, but touchpad.. I guess i will have to wait for a dev with more creativity than me show some nice uses

TheBrownBandito1406d ago

With a decent browser it could at least make surfing the web a little more pleasant than with a conventional controller.