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Crytek: PC devs have the advantage over Xbox 360 devs on next gen consoles

OXM UK: "Spoiler: consoles and PC are not, in fact, chalk and cheese. True one works out of the box while the other requires on-going tinkering, but strip away the interfaces, peripherals and moulded casings and it's all just plastic and silicon at the end of the day, right? According to Crytek boss Cevat Yerli, next generation consoles will have even more in common with desktops - and as a consequence, PC-centric developers will actually be 'more comfortable' with the new tech than console veterans." (Crytek, Next-Gen)

ShugaCane  +   745d ago
"I'm already talking too much"

Yeah, you can stop there. For good.
dirigiblebill  +   745d ago
Heh. I've met the man and he's genuinely not as obnoxious as he sounds sometimes. I think it's partly a problem of English not being his native language.
piroh  +   745d ago
Cevat needs a girl
Kalowest  +   744d ago
WTF is Crytek talking about??? Alot of PC devs like developing for the Xbox consoles because they're similar to PC/desktops(they also all run DirectX).
What devs are at a disadvantage? Most devs this gen also made PC games(mostly ports, but still).

CD Projekt released TW2 on 360 because they could easily port to it, Same for Runic Games's Torchlight and 4A Games's Metro 2033. Alot of PC devs ported to the 360 first, and have upgraded their engines since then to run on PS3 and next-gen consoles.

I hate Crytek
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TI_21  +   744d ago
Are you ignoring the facts on purpose?
Devs which mainly focused on consoles simply aren't as familiar with the "new" hardware as devs which already spent there time with hardware which has similar power.
starchild  +   744d ago
You don't know what you are talking about.

I heard this nonsense all generation about how the 360 is just like a Pc and that is why it is easy to port between the two.

In truth, the 360 is not as similar to PC architecture as some of you seem to think. The upcoming PS4, on the other hand, is using typical PC architecture.

Developers who have a lot of experience working withing that environment WILL have an easier time working on PS4.

The reason The Witcher 2 was released on the 360 and not the PS4 is because the PS3 architecture is difficult to use and has a few weaknesses that make a game like The Witcher 2 very difficult to port over.

Although the PS3 is more different than the 360 in comparison with PCs, they are both quite different than PCs.

Nothing the Crytek boss said is unreasonable. You are just ignorant.
Gildarts  +   744d ago
that's pretty cool
The_Infected  +   745d ago
Crytek STFU. You talk to much.
The_Infected  +   745d ago
I take back what I said I can understand what they're saying but I just hope he's not just talking about in a graphical way. Developers needs to do more than just amazing graphics. There's the Story and AI etc. that's also very important.
Reverent  +   744d ago
Agreed. Crytek really need to be humbled. They make great looking products, but they need to take that advice and focus on something other than just graphics.

@Ritsuka, I don't think you, of all people, should be the one say anything like that.
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Scenarist  +   744d ago
people fail to realize that AI has more to do with how well you can code different algorithms... not on how much power you have.. even tho that matters too) .. Im sure we could have seen better ai a few generations ago.. but it takes some vicious math + knowledge and awareness of the human brain and the way it responds to stimuli for a developer to write code for some decent ai.. the more power the better. but we cant even open the box yet on what type of ode to write for ai ..

Intelligence is sooo organic that we would need to crack a human brains " code " before understand what to write for advanced artificial intelligence

until then the best we can hope for is some advanced or well thought out procedural ai behaviors that yet and still will need to code for every specific type of event.. and every branch of procedural event that comes after it ..

if any of this makes sense to anyone
You guys know very little about crytek.
ritsuka666   745d ago | Personal attack | show
onyoursistersback  +   745d ago
I used to like Crytek back when they only had Crysis 1, cuz of there amazing engin.
But ever since they made a jump to consoles all they do is talk about how good they are....
In my eyes, they suck now....only way they can win me back right now is with TimeSpilters!!
DA_SHREDDER  +   745d ago
They couldn't even win me with a new Timesplitters. They would have to stop rustling their feathers and actually make a good game without outside dev help.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   745d ago
ALLWRONG  +   744d ago
I'll give you a bubble for that. :D
SlyFamous02  +   745d ago
Sure they do. I can hear ND and co. laughing their a$$es off right now.
Fishy Fingers  +   745d ago
I hate listening to Crytek, that's why I make a point to click on the articles just to bitch about it.... Take that Crytek...
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Bakkies  +   745d ago
Great, now stop talking and start making good games.
lovegames718  +   745d ago
Guerilla Games sure talk you a lesson about how to make awesome sci fi fps game. One that looks great and performs great!!!!! Just ask digital foundry lol hahaha

I dont buy Mediocre generic Crysis games. Crysis 2 absolutely turned me off completely.
Kalowest  +   745d ago
"One that looks great and performs great!!!!!"
True, but KZs story sucks
galest  +   744d ago
so do crysis, did Prophet died in Part 2 and his body decays in an abandon building, but got his body back and face from another white man corpses that was inside the suit?????????????????????????? EXPLAINED!!! ???????????????
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Dlacy13g  +   745d ago
So if, according to Yerli, PC devs have an advantage over 360 only devs in this coming generation due to the next consoles being even more "PC" like....where does that leave the current batch of PS3 only devs in this guys eyes?
Pandamobile  +   745d ago
At less of an advantage, naturally. But just about every software engineer has experience working with an x86 architecture, so it's not like they're starting from scratch.
Statix  +   744d ago
Developers like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Quantic, and Sucker Punch are so talented, that they'll adapt and overcome pretty quickly. I'm sure that the Cell architecture was extremely foreign to them when the PS3 first came out, yet they ended up doing amazing things with it. I'm sure X86 will be much less of a learning curve than the Cell was.

Graphics output is predominately dependent on the GPU anyway, not the CPU, and the GPU of the PS3 was just a PC GPU (a 7800GTX). Certainly, they won't have much trouble leveraging the massive boost in GPU capability with the PS4.
gamernova  +   744d ago
I'm loving how consoles are becoming more pc like because it only means great things for all of gaming.
Statix  +   744d ago
I'm conflicted myself on whether that is necessarily true. On one hand, a more familiar x86 CPU will make start-up and initial development easier and faster. However, the exotic Cell processor in the PS3 had a lot of raw power, despite being more complex and difficult to develop for. Without the Cell, I could almost guarantee that you wouldn't have seen PS3 exclusives with the graphics fidelity of games such as Uncharted, Killzone, and God of War.

As maligned as the Cell was for being difficult to code for, its raw power also made it possible for some determined devs to reach heights in graphics fidelity that perhaps a more traditional CPU (along w/ the extremely dated 7800GTX GPU) would not have been able to attain.

However, if the easier, more ubiquitous architecture of the PS4 reduces manufacturing and R&D costs, and encourages more developers to support the system, then overall it's a good thing for Sony.
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gamernova  +   743d ago
x86 is also rumored to be in the xbox and some developers ever stated that doing cross platforms was going to be significantly easier than doing 360 and ps3 cross plats. I guess we will see what is to come but hopefully nothing but good comes from this.
clintagious650  +   744d ago
I wonder if ms really did add bluray to the nextbox. If they did wouldnt sony make money off each nextbox that sells? Its the only reason why I dont think ms would use bluray.
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leogets  +   744d ago
crytek???? pshhhhhhhhh
Unknown_Soldier  +   744d ago
Cool story, bro.
deadfrag  +   744d ago
Well if anything Dark Souls proves that Crytek actually is talking right!It seems many fanboys forgot the EXCUSE From Software gave to pc OWNERS regarding the bad port they made!Lack of knowledge on PC hardware they told!
dangerousjo33  +   744d ago
are any of u devs if not then shut the f up how are u going to tell him about making games 4 this gen or next stop the made up fan boy bs
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tommygunzII  +   743d ago
I miss the old Crytek.

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