Saints Row IV First Details & Teaser Trailer Revealed

Saints Row IV has been officially announced for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and will be arriving on August 20, 2013.

Here's the official storyline and a list of features that players can expect from the new game.

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majiebeast1951d ago

Looks like Saints row 3.5 to me should have been a next gen title.

HammadTheBeast1951d ago

I think they've taken "over the top" too far...

BigStef711951d ago

I miss the somewhat serious story they had in the first two games. Both of them had a great balance of serious and fun. I was so disappointed by the third because I was anticipating it so much because the Saints series has been my favorite series of this gen so it was a bummer to see how the third turned out. This looks the same as the third and they still are in steelport. I am sorry but that city blows compared to stilwater

Kalowest1951d ago

Is it just me or did anyone else spot alot of crackdown like gameplay/elements???

Septic1951d ago


I read your comment and thought to myself, well, it couldn't get that much over the top from SR3. Then I played the video. In the 30 odd seconds of the trailer I saw:

* A man flying into the sky
* A robot shooting lasers
* Huge alien ships
* A man punching another man made out of water
* A naked pink or purple man walking in a nightclub
* A quad bike covered in lasers
* People getting punched into the stratosphere
* A bunny rabbit doing the robot dance
* An actual robot doing the robot
* A mech shooting lasers
* People dancing dressed as punks
* A scantily clad women dancing.....upside down
* A man dancing....dressed as a hot dog
* A giant monster truck....which probably turns into a robot
* A purple version of the Flash
* And a giant enery drink can smashing up buildings.

I think you may be right.

AngelicIceDiamond1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It REALLy sucks it won't be making it to the Wii U Deep Silver hadn't given a statement saying why just yet.

This is not looking good for Nintendo or its fans.

Plagasx1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

You have freaking super powers now?? O_O

xHeavYx1951d ago

A the 0:52 mark of the video, he throws a car like Cole from the Infamous series SMH.
They also said "The saga that changed all the rules and blew the minds of generation"... Seriously? Too much ego maybe?

LOGICWINS1951d ago

Its a hyperbole. If you think they're being serious, you know very little about SR games.

Moncole1951d ago

I love Saints Row but they need more development time. and This should have become a big expansion for Saints Row 3 instead of it originally being DLC bt now its a full game.

timberlander1951d ago

this game got nothing on GTA5

vallencer1951d ago

You're right it doesn't but then again it was never meant to. They can both co exist. GTA was always a little more grounded which is fun but Saints row was always over the top which is fun as well. I'm definitely getting both.

BiggCMan1951d ago

They're SO different that you really can't compare. Maybe the original Saints Row, or Saints Row 2 could be compared to the PS2 era GTA games. But 3 and 4 or so remarkably different from any GTA, that this "rivarly" between the games/fans, shouldn't even exist anymore. They are in their own realm now with the over-the-topness of Saints Row. Rockstar has taken the realistic route with GTA, and that's perfectly fine also. We can have both types of games exist.

MurDocINC1951d ago

Sure it does, you play the whole game with a friend.

torchic1951d ago

they're forcing this game out to ride on the GTA V hype lol lol lol

Hydralysk1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It's probably already got a leg up over GTA5 for me.

Rockstar will try to shove a story about how the main character is a sympathetic anti-hero in it's cutscenes, like how Niko complains about how it's hard to see good in the world after the 'horrors' he's seen.

Then when you walk outside you'll immediately steal a car and run over 13 pedestrians, then get out and shoot some people with shotguns while Niko yells insults and profanities at them.

Saints Row at least knows it's stupid and just rolls with it. Rockstar keeps you crazy and sociopathic in the gameplay, and then tries to portray your character as someone completely different in the cutscenes, and it's jarring as all hell.

Rainstorm811951d ago

Same thing with tomb raider she feels sad about killing a deer and killing her first enemy but then goes on a Gears of war style kill Fest the rest of the game.

LOGICWINS1951d ago

This game has an ENTIRELY different tone than GTA. Whats the point of pitting them against each other?. I'm getting both. If others want to limit themselves and only get one, thats they're problem.

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TheModernKamikaze1951d ago

This better be worth it, as it was going to be DLC.