Rising Phoenix listed by Spanish retailer as a Vita AC Game

Suggesting a 10th October release for it too.

Updated - Xtra Life ES has removed their page for it.

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Snookies121620d ago

Hmm, that's what I figured it was... Although I know this isn't proof, just what I guessed when I heard about it.

sinncross1620d ago

Would be great if this is indeed true. Liberation did pretty well (Ubisoft were happy with sales) and COD seems to be as well (despite being a poor game).

Hopefully this, Rayman and a new and proper COD will be announced for this year.

zerocrossing1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Yeah, pretty much already new AC:Rising Phoenix was a Vita game, but glad it's pretty much confirmed.

Paul_Murphy1620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

I'm updating the post, the retailer has pulled the page. More weight?

Roper3161619d ago

just what we don't need is yet another AC game.

Paul_Murphy1619d ago

Millions would disagree with you fella. Of course, you don't have to either buy the game or read the news on it.

Zoron0071619d ago

Yeah well we do need vita games.

Roper3161619d ago

well if both of you like to buy the same game over & over & over again that's great. 10 AC games in 5 years is a little overkill in my book & has taken milking a franchise to whole new level.

I don't plan on buying it I still have Brotherhood, Revelations & AC III ( PS3 & PSV ) that I already own and haven't played yet because after AC II I was already burned out with the series & couldn't keep playing brotherhood when I started it.

While I do respect their opinions I really couldn't careless what millions think the only opinion that matters to me is mine and I am AC'd out.

Zoron0071619d ago

Burned out on the series after the second game and you buy 4 more games from that series to not even play them?

Ult iMate1618d ago

Liberation was my first game in the series. I'd really like to see some more AC on Vita. There were some ways Ubi could improve their portable AC.