New Nintendo eShop releases: HarmoKnight demo, Rayman Origins, Mega Man 3, Punch-Out!!

"Both Rayman Origins and Mega Man 3 arrive on the 3DS eShop today, along with a HarmoKnight demo and a pair of DSiWare games in Forgotten Legions and Goony."

"Nintendo has also announced several games slated for March 19, including Wii U downloads of retail games Lego City Undercover (which we found disappointing), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Need for Speed: Most Wanted U."

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lilbroRx2016d ago

Harmonight. I was certainly looking forward to this. Time to head to the eShop.

ZeekQuattro2015d ago

MM 3 still is favorite one. I've played 1-7 and MM & Bass.