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Submitted by MK_Red 2896d ago | review

Video Review: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - GameTrailers

The hype for this game has taken the world by storm, so will Nintendo be able to deliver with their first AAA title of 2008? (Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii) 9.4/10

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MK_Red  +   2896d ago
Is this game going to break all time sales records? The previous one on GameCube was a monster seller and now this one is on popular Wii... has both Snake and Sonic in addition to all classic characters.

The battle between this and GTA4 for the best selling title of 2007 would be devastating. Wii Fit, MGS4 and Halo Wars are other candidates but don't think they can face SSBB and GTA4 unless the casual crowd shows serious love for Wii Fit (which sadly will probably happen).
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Douchebaggery  +   2896d ago
Don't forget about Gears 2.
MK_Red  +   2896d ago
Good call but I don't think it can compete with GTA or SSBB in sales.
Salvadore  +   2896d ago
The game looks good, but I am not sure guys
Nintendo current audience seems more interested in games like Wii fit and Wii Sports and I am having a hard time believing this game will sell huge amounts of copies.
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Douchebaggery  +   2896d ago
The game already sold more than a million only in Japan and Smash is even more popular in NA (I don't know about EU), plus it get people (like me) that couldn't care less about the usual waggletastic Wii games interested.
kingOVsticks  +   2896d ago
it is def a tripple A tittle
from the online multiplayer to the veeery long story mode this game was worth my 50 bones and the real reason i have the wii to date.
heroman711  +   2896d ago
i am gonna try to get it 2day. i kno im retarded for even trying on the first day but bear with my stupidity
KidMakeshift  +   2896d ago
I can't wait for the Uwe Boll film adaptation, lol
ElementX  +   2896d ago
My Friend Code for SSBB is 0903-2422-9988
wiizy  +   2896d ago
the game is just incredible and huge.
Danja  +   2896d ago
iI personally dont own a Wii cuz it doesn't appeal to me...but I did play Melee back on the GC and that was freakin im really excited for this one.....just dont want to buy a
sumfood4u  +   2896d ago
But its all good i gotta keep on practing B4 i do the online thing!

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