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2013 Wii U Sales Look Dismal

"Wii U sales hit a low in January and February this year, according to the latest NPD data." (Industry, Wii U)

TheLyonKing  +   898d ago
Or you can flip it and they are incredible for a hardware that has no games.
ritsuka666  +   898d ago
No games you want to play does not equate to No games. Do you expect new ones to come out weekly? Those would be the ones not worth it. This launch line up of Wii u has had more quality titles than any system release.
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TheLyonKing  +   898d ago
yes no games, Zombie U was horribly buged and the only redeeming game has been supermario bro's U.

The multiplatform games I will just get on my ps3/360 because I perfer the control rather than looking up or down.

Am not looking for weekly releases but I am looking for more support from nintendo. I am looking forward to the big games coming but they could have staggered it so we got a couple near release date.
matgrowcott  +   898d ago

ZombiU wasn't horribly bugged. It was awesome - exactly the sort of survival horror game people have been wanting for ages.

But it was exclusive for a console that not everybody owns and it could be very difficult at times, so it's been panned by people that haven't played it.
zerocrossing  +   898d ago
January and February are notoriously tough times for consoles sales.

Give it some time, once Nintendo pushes out their big guns (Zelda, Mario, Pikmin, X etc) the Wii U will sales will pick up, IMO.
Muffins1223  +   898d ago
Really?There hardware barley beats a last gen console and its at the price of a next gen console...what the fuck are people thinking.And of course with Nintendo,they have huge focus on there first party yet the games get held back by there gimmicks(a tablet as a controller) and horrible hardware...
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   898d ago
IGN is the same company that said "And as a result, I'm sure Revolution (Wii) -- like GameCube -- will become a niche console for Nintendo fans."

IGN also claimed the original Nintendo DS would "be discontinued and replaced by a portable GameCube, one that used actual GCN discs."

Actual quote: "And more intriguing still, sources claim that Nintendo is once again trying to make the machine a portable GameCube."

And of course they used the same spin they're pushing on the Wii U against the 3DS as well. 31 million units later....

You can argue these numbers all you want, my point is that IGN has a long standing agenda against Nintendo, and is definitely trolling for hits and trying to make things seem as bad as possible. If you want Nintendo news its best to look elsewhere.

PS: Hey IGN, how is your financial status? Not too good from what I hear.
gillri  +   898d ago
nice points you make there...apart from the fact the story was actually broken by Gamasutra
TongkatAli  +   898d ago
IGN died to me when it gave God Hand a 3/10.
Venox2008  +   897d ago
I still cant forgive them for that score.. God Hand is one of my favourite games
ChickeyCantor  +   897d ago
"Like I give a sh*t"
NYC_Gamer  +   898d ago
Nintendo really should have thought things out before they released Wii-U on the market..It's clear Ninty didn't have any solid plans for the console because they seem confused about Wii-U themselves..
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TongkatAli  +   898d ago
Wind Waker and Pikmin 3 are going to be sick. I could care less about the sales of the Wii U. Nintendo is rich and cheap with their money, they're doom proof.

Edit: @ caseh lol, I know! Mario bros Wii U had only two themes, think about that. The nice way of putting it, Nintendo is smart with its money, lol.
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caseh  +   898d ago
As much as every one hates Pachter he basically said the same thing. Nintendo are worth so much they could bleed money for the next 50 years and still not have to withdraw from the hardware market.
abzdine  +   898d ago
for me there is no game worth investing for the console at the moment.

Give me a brand new Zelda and it'll be hard to resist.
IQUITN4G  +   898d ago
Do you care about Wii U sales then?, normally the saying is "couldn't care less"
TongkatAli  +   898d ago
Thx for the correction, that was a bad one.
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lovegames718  +   898d ago
So many excuses lol its pathetic. Anyway hoping Nintendo finally learns its lessen being that consumers are talking. We dont just want old stale ips and other good established ips we want a good amount of new ips and games that make us go "wow" not "oh this again".

Reggie hes a bufoon and i believe does nothing good for Nintendos image lol Just looking at him im like "look at this %ick" Sort of like the #sshole behind the Kinect.

Also plz Nintendo stop talking about innovation when you lack any type of drive or innovation in your games its really getting hypocritical. New control scheme may tickle some ppls fancy but many gamers care less about that and want some new awesome games!!!!

In the end i want Nintendo to end up coming out of this with a new perspective, one that respects consumers and gives them what they want. I?f they give me that id buy the next console.

For the ppl that will be sensitive and get on the defensive, relax its just a console and im speaking my mind, thats all. Im not trying to degrade Nintendo just saying what i feel.
stragomccloud  +   898d ago
I love Nintendo, but I really hate Nintendo of America. Reggie is such a hypocrite! He complains about developers not releasing games on Nintendo platforms, and then he doesn't want to release Nintendo's own core games!!! If it weren't for Nintendo of Europe and the Operation Rainfall movement, we would not have gotten Xenoblade or Last Story, and Pandora's Tower would not be on the way. Still missing in action is Fatal Frame 4, and the Fatal Frame 2 remake.
tweet75  +   898d ago
once luigi U arrives sales will pick up

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