Assassins Creed: Rising Phoenix - Another pic leaked, could be a Vita game

Another image has apparently been leaked. Assassins Creed: Rising Phoenix is a PlayStation Vita game to be released October 10 according to XtraLife, a Spanish online store.

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Xaphy1677d ago

Liberation was a great game and I really enjoyed it, but it was far from perfect. There are a lot of ways they can improve and make the game much better.

Muffins12231676d ago

If the framerate was better i would of loved it allot more

TongkatAli1677d ago

I hope its a new female or Aveline coming back.

Apollosupreme1676d ago

I hope its not a female. I cant relate to female characters and call me sexist but I tend to not play games with a female protagonist.

r211677d ago

Awesome news if true, will have to wait for more evidence. Also, i hope it take places in Japan :)

ventilator1677d ago

The image appeared a week ago on this ac fan page not sure if this is real

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The story is too old to be commented.