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Submitted by dirigiblebill 1064d ago | rumor

Battlefield 4 boxart surfaces, teaser video coming today - rumour

OXM UK: "Battlefield 4 will be revealed this month - possibly even today - on Battlefield Premium, according to internet whisperers who've also got hold of what they claim is the game's cover art." (Battlefield 4, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360)

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dirigiblebill  +   1064d ago
Bit saddened to see that it's still a present day game. I was hoping for a "near future" title, at least.
dirigiblebill  +   1064d ago
LOL, why the disagrees? Aren't you all bored with contemporary settings after BF3 and its many, many expansions? Even DICE said these kinds of games were getting dull in an Edge article a while back.
d0nT wOrrY  +   1064d ago
I'd love to see WWII settings once again.. disagree all you want, but MOST OF future settings sucks.
guitarded77  +   1063d ago
If they went near future, everyone would be saying how they copied BlOps 2... I think a modern game is fine, and if they did 2143 DLC like Vietnam, that would be awesome. I too want to see a new WWII game, but the weapons always feel like a step back. The alternate past of Resistance alleviated the weapons lull. Anyway, can't wait to see Battlefield 4... hopefully Bad Company 3 will be after that.
SolidStoner  +   1063d ago
Battlefield 1942 or Battlefield Vietnam = best BF of all times! They should remake them with all those new graphics and engine....
irepbtown  +   1063d ago
I'll be honest, I don't want a Battlefield 4... yet. It's a bit too early.

I want Bad Company 3. BC1/2 were brilliant and I'm dying for a third. I don't think I'll be disappointed as I have faith in Dice, however I would really like to hear/see more of the Bad Company series.
WarThunder  +   1063d ago
Make a Russian campaign first. Then i will consider buying this game.
xxLuckyStrike  +   1063d ago
Must be real, I just got a hard-on
floetry101  +   1063d ago
Welcome to the EA sausage factory, where everything is churned out repeatedly like clock work to satisfy to lowest common denominator of weak-willed gamer.

I love Battlefield 3, if only because the gap between 2 and 3 gave the second game room to grow. Now that EA has officially killed Medal of Honor (a fine example of a robotic, shell-like, market-meeting criteria title) they've turned to their genre staple to wave the flag for run-into-the-ground, disposable, annual releases.

I can hope for the best, but I'm not expecting a DICE product worthy of the name.
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badz149  +   1064d ago
should we even be excited about the boxart anymore?
it's a BF game and it's going to be generic just like the last 2 entries! Bad Company 1's boxart was brilliant IMO!
Flavor  +   1063d ago
It's call of duty with vehicles and lens flare.
gedapeleda  +   1063d ago
Yeah bc1 had an awesome box art way more artistic.
I'm borred with all thse action heroes in the middle surrounded by smoke, fire and stuff.
HammadTheBeast  +   1064d ago
If this is real, which I doubt, then I'm disappointed. While some liked it, I hated the orange and blue overuse throughout the whole game. That blue tint was there for months, only to be replace by a slightly orange one. And as new setting or environment or time period would be much appreciated.
tonywood  +   1063d ago
Then we'll end up with camping killstreak nerds, like in cod. Battlefield is perfect as is. Well, make the controls tighter, stronger graphics, and a better campaign.
N0S3LFESTEEM  +   1063d ago
It's not perfect... everything good about the game has been nerfed. That Infrared scope attachment was nerfed so bad that no one even uses it now. The AA is practically useless against jets... it's the same for heatseekers. Teamwork on PS3 and PC is null if you just join into a game which everyone does... everyone ends up playing this game lone wolf like COD. The balance was perfect when it first released... jets were faster, AA did more damage, Infrared helped cut through all the clutter (which everyone had the option of using)...
2pacalypsenow  +   1063d ago
I want to see some WWI games
HaMM4R  +   1063d ago
The Somme. Search for it on indieDB (might be on greenlight but I cant remember )
Axecution  +   1063d ago
What an original looking box art! I've never seen anything like it! I really love the character holding the gun with the explosion in the background
ritsuka666  +   1064d ago
Fake much? lol
Blacktric  +   1063d ago
krazykombatant  +   1064d ago
Looks fake and if real it has a certain Michael bay look to it which isnt good imo.
Ares84HU  +   1064d ago
What's wrong with tons of explosions in a war game??
krazykombatant  +   1064d ago
Gives me the COD itch
Maninja  +   1063d ago
It's official and looks awesome
Daver  +   1064d ago
Add dinosaurs!
Plagasx  +   1064d ago
It's inevitable...
momthemeatloaf  +   1064d ago
Battlefield dies next gen at this rate
Detoxx  +   1064d ago
At this rate? So if they release a game every 2/3 years the game dies? F*ck yourself
Detoxx  +   1064d ago
Looks very fake. Artwork is low quality and something everyone could make. DICE will make something special for BF4
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1064d ago
To bad EA will find a way to ruin BF4 like they seem to do with all there games!! And BF games are great to but EA's greed will be there downfall!!!
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venom06  +   1064d ago
WHATEVER IT IS... it will more than likely be better than IW's MW4....
jon1234  +   1064d ago
aww man, i cant wait to get my hands on some of those micro transactions!

GiantFriendlyCrab  +   1064d ago
i want Battlefield: american civil war,. Idont know how would work though
DeadlyFire  +   1063d ago
Its not battlefield, but its Civil War with up to 500 players per game with destruction in some places and so on. So its kinda like it. Coming in 2013/2014. :P


Couple of screens of a map.
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longdongsilverz  +   1063d ago
How would this game work, though?? The muskets at that time, and even the colt revolvers, were black powder guns that had to be reloaded after each shot. Tactics were completely different and still mostly followed revolutionary line-styled battle. The only way this game could even work is if it was about guerilla tactics used by militia on both sides and only if you gave all of the players repeating rifles that weren't invented until toward the end of the war. I'd be interested to see it, but I don't think this idea would work. Especially for this generation of COD, instant-action, gamers. (One of which, I am not lol)
Trunkz Jr  +   1063d ago
Battlefield 4 is what Battlefield 3 should of been. Tho they lied so many about BF3 release...

Full clan support? Thank for only allowing 3-4 clan tag letters.... Bad Company 2 had more then enough. While Battlelog is nice for stats, people would rather do all this in-game and use to web for other stuff.
longdongsilverz  +   1063d ago
Not to mention that Battlelog is pretty much useless for console gamers :p
Vladplaya  +   1063d ago
This is obviously fan made fake...
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1063d ago
Looking forward to it. Building a gaming PC soon and BF3 looked amazing. Not sure if I'll look forward to buying the DLCs.
iizMonterZ_  +   1063d ago
This should be fun.
Kran  +   1063d ago
So you're telling me... they decided not to go with a man walking epicly towards you? dafuq?

Then again, this guys technically crouching towards us xD
josephayal  +   1063d ago
of Course it's a next-gen title
Maninja  +   1063d ago
Can't wait to play this on my ps4! There's gotta be at least 64 player battles, maybe 128 if we're lucky, but still awesome!
longdongsilverz  +   1063d ago
I agree. I really hope that they can increase the number of players that are able to be supported in each game for consoles. That's something that PC has had over consoles for a long time. You never really feel fear or a sense of urgency on console, let alone like you're really fighting a war, like you do when you get in a room with 64 or 128 players on PC. Talk about epic.
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Prodigy-X  +   1063d ago
Hold up as much as I'm happy. I have a couple of demands.

1. 64 Player Support on Next Gen Consoles

2. Co-op integrated in the campaign

3. Bring back more destruction (Like BC 2)

4. Bigger maps with more diversity

5. More modes
Mathew9R   1063d ago | Spam
-Gespenst-  +   1063d ago
It really is becoming EA's CoD.

Is that just the thing to do now if you're a giant video game corporation? Churn out military FPS'?
fdhger   1063d ago | Spam
porkChop  +   1063d ago
So here's the officially released art work.


Anyone else notice the image next to the guys left shoulder? That looks like Shanghai.

Just compare these photos.

Blinding_Solo  +   1063d ago
I don't know about anyone else but one of those mini pictures looks like a F-22 Raptor. I hope more jets and differences between them appear :-)
Blinding_Solo  +   1063d ago
Look between the I and E. The design of jet looks to be it or the Pak Fa. I am calling it!!!
It also seems to be a nuke going off in the other one. :-0
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dfgerdfger698   1063d ago | Spam
talisker  +   1063d ago
Now I have 'Kotaku' on my wallpaper, damn.

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