PS4: GAME Has ‘Absolute Confidence’ Next-Gen Will Revive Sales

The next generation of consoles including PS4 and Xbox 720 will boost retail sales, says a director of the UK’s leading games retailer, GAME.

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ritsuka6662016d ago ShowReplies(4)
TheLyonKing2016d ago

Well I have palced my 20 quid on the pre order

Kurisu2016d ago

The only thing that's stopping me from pre-ordering it is not knowing the price (which doesn't really matter because I'll be getting it at whatever cost). When the price gets announced at E3 then I will place my pre-order.

FamilyGuy2016d ago

Same here, it's a definite decision for me,

4lc4pon32016d ago

im paying what ever it cost i honestly dont care if its 600 or more. its mine day 1

ChronoJoe2016d ago

For the sake of shareholders they have to say this, though.

I'm not saying I don't believe it true, or otherwise. I'm not really sure, it's too early to speculate. Maybe a lot of people will go for the digitally distributed options more prevelant next gen. That would definitely leave physical retailers like Game in a bind.

But what I'm saying is, Game are in a biased position to make these kin of predictions. I wouldn't pay much attention to their publicized thoughts on the industry.

caseh2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Game only have to sell games and they barely get that right these days, like Chrono said you can probably ignore anything they say that is industry related.

lovegames7182016d ago

Jealous, hater, liar, and envious. Plz man just take Sonys .... out your mouth its embarrassing already. You look like a fool everytime lol

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