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Submitted by dan958 1064d ago | opinion piece

Saints Row: The Third is Better than GTA IV

You probably looked at the title of this article, raged furiously, and went straight to the comment section before even listening to what I have to say. Or you’re a well-mannered individual that enjoys a good debate. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PC, PS3, Saints Row: The Third, Xbox 360)

Hufandpuf  +   1065d ago
GTA4 has mods

dan958  +   1065d ago
This article is based upon the original game, for console users as well. Not everyone can play with mods :)
Hufandpuf  +   1064d ago
GTA4 has a good story, likeable characters, expansive world, good music (SR3 has a terrible radio), dialouge is great, clothing options are better, side mini-games/activities are more thought out, etc.

The only thing I think SR3 excels in is the fun factor, the game has great gameplay, and cool toys to mess around with, but the lifeless and uninspired city with lacking customization options don't really pull me in.

Funny how we are talking about this and SR4 was just revealed. Now they've got super powers. Looks cool but I hope it's not dragged down like SR3 was.
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ThatEnglishDude  +   1064d ago

"The only thing I think SR3 excels in is the fun factor"

..Call me old fashioned, but this is why I play games.

GTA IV was a good game, I suppose - but it was just so...forgettable for me. I liked the idea of a darker story, but the characters weren't very memorable. They had their moments, but the game lacked any kind of style or sense of humor. At least in comparison to the other games in the series. Saints Row's sense of humor or style may not appeal to everyone, but at least it HAS a style.
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BiggCMan  +   1064d ago
Hufandpuf. There's this thing called opinion...that is yours, realize the difference please before you spout your opinions as facts. I'm also confused at "The only thing I think SR3 excels in is the fun factor"....Well isn't fun supposed to be the point of every single video games out there(if not every piece of media out there)? If you have fun in a certain game, what's it matter if all you do is look at 4 walls, YOU still had fun with it.

But as I was saying, all the stuff you listed for GTA IV, I feel the complete opposite. The story was snore worthy, the characters were annoying, the world IS big, but with DICK to do in it. The music I don't even remember, the dialogue was fine, the clothes were GOD awful, that's the first time I ever heard anyone like the clothing options in that game, they were bare bones. The activities were freaking horrible, bowling and darts that don't function half as well as a flash game on my phone is not my idea of good.

So these are MY opinions, doesn't mean either game is better or worse, just my opinion is what matters to me. Saints Row has S#!TT3D on GTA ever since 2 came out in '08.
Hydrolex  +   1064d ago
Saints Row is Garbage compared to GTA

Keep in mind, it was Rockstar's first GTA on NEW CONSOLES... while Saints Row already had 3 on Xbox 360 and 2 on PS3... Saints Rows are like Call of Duty, the games looks and feels the same, while every GTA just feels different

Not gonna lie, Saints Row the Third was a fun game, but QUALITY was no where close to GTA IV ! NO Where.. GTA IV was amazing except it got boring after players finished the game, Rockstar noticed that and is going back to make GTA V just like San Andreas, fun and lots of things to do... I know GTA V is gonna be amazing, every single Rockstar games is AMAZING
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badz149  +   1064d ago
it's not really THAT hard to better GTAIV! there are many MANY games that are better than GTAIV this gen!
LOGICWINS  +   1064d ago
I played SR3 with a timed trial. Too over the top for me. Maybe I played it with the wrong mindset.
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RavageX  +   1064d ago
Nah. Now if you had said SR2 I would have agreed. SR3 is an empty shell of what the series was.

Awful story/characters, weak activities, lifeless city. Even the customization took a step backwards. The sole improvement was graphics.

It does have the plus of having co-op, but that's really it.

Sad to say that SR4 is looking like a disappointment too.
LOGICWINS  +   1064d ago
SR2 was better than GTA1V IMO. It actually had worthwhile indoor environments and story was much more entertaining that GTAIV's.
Septic  +   1064d ago
Agreed. SR2 was great fun and I had one of the funniest moments ever in it courtesy of its brilliant co-op campaign.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   1064d ago
No it's not. Not a single SR game is better than ANY of the GTA games, period.
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Brownghost  +   1064d ago
GTA 4 was really overrated.
BigStef71  +   1064d ago
And SR2 was way better than the both of them
proskatercam  +   1064d ago
MysticStrummer  +   1064d ago
"You probably looked at the title of this article, raged furiously, and went straight to the comment section before even listening to what I have to say."

Take out the part about raging furiously and that's pretty much right. I played both SR3 and GTA4. I don't think it's even close. GTA4 by a mile. SR3 had great customization and it was fun to play co-op through the story, but that's about it. Just my opinion of course.
stefan771  +   1064d ago
Saints Row is far better than GTA
LeBart  +   1064d ago
Well that's a timely article...
Coming up next, "Splinter Cell is better than Metal Gear Solid 2 !"
RTheRebel  +   1064d ago
GTA IV way better than Saints Row
Brucie Is Awesome loL
giovonni  +   1064d ago
I think it's all on taste. GTA4 is a much more serious game, that in my opinion lacked innovative flair within the game mechanics. The presentation was cool, watching tv use the internet, but outside of that nothing really stood out with Niko. The DL contents were cool gave it reply value and expanded and brought the three universes together in downloadable episodes, which I think GTA5 will do from the start.

Saints Row on the other hand, outside of the first one has turned into a slap stick kind of game. I mean, pouring forties on your dead homies to revive them, Really? My personal fave, watching them (Homies) bail out of an air plane with you 10,000 feet in the air hit the ground and get back up and help you fight... classic stuff, I know. However, it's the non-serious expanded freedoms that make Saints Row fun to play and experiment with. I actually like the first Saints Row better than GTA4, The other Saint Rows were alright, but its the slap stick style Saint Row presents that stops me from giving it the better approval. I would like to see a much more serious side of Saints Row
r21  +   1064d ago
I've no idea how GTA IV but I'll just say SR3 was insanely fun. Crazy side mission, crazy characters, crazy weapons and crazy story. Loved it.
Fatty  +   1064d ago
From a tech standpoint (and overall story and activities) GTA IV was the better game, but I enjoyed Saints Row: The Third a lot more.
nigelp520  +   1064d ago
Never played Saints Row 2. only 1 & 3. Saints Row The Third was amazing. not realistic but It was just fun flying jets. being sucked into the tron world and fighting zombies. The highlight was saving your girlfriend to the song I need a hero. GTA 4 was boring as shit to me. Story,graphics, etc could be topnotch but wasnt fun at all. I hope Saints Row 4 doesnt go toooooo over the top
KaBaW  +   1064d ago
palaeomerus  +   1064d ago
KaBaW  +   1062d ago
.. No.
TheSaint  +   1064d ago
Both GTA4 and SR3 were the weakest in their respective series.

GTA5 looks like it's a return to form though.
telekineticmantis  +   1064d ago
I agree with the GTA 5 sentiment
but SR3 was much better than GTA4 to me, and to be honest, that is where Rockstar should of been inspiring to make GTA the whole time. I mean why not go Bonkers like SR does, it's not like GTA has a good story or something to keep it structural, well... maybe 3 had a good story, but besides that they were uninteresting.
Sketchy_Galore  +   1064d ago
GTA4 was set in an amazingly atmospheric city, had a real sense of place, some really interesting, likeable characters and some brilliant dialogue but booooooy did it draaaaaaaaaaaaaag oooooon after a while. There was a point I would have rather watched Niko do boring paperwork than engage in another low speed chase with another single car.

SR3 gave a good instant impression but once the wackiness wore off it revealed itself to be a pretty dull game. There was no context to any of the craziness, which lessened the impact of the wild crazy gadgets and vehicles. They could have just named the thing 'Wackiness simulator 3.0' and been done with it. It wasn't even nearly crazy enough to justify the lack of atmosphere, character or anything else. Outside of the Professor Genki stuff, the game was set in the same dull grey American city we've seen a billion times before. If the game was set in some crazy dystopian future city run by professor Genki it might have made for a more long lasting impression. As it was, once you got past the very easy to get past big dildo bats and hulk fist gloves, it was clearly still just another GTA clone with dated mechanics and graphics.

I would say GTA4 wins but neither should be really patting themselves on the back too hard.
DeadManMcCarthy  +   1064d ago
I didn't like SR3, I prefer GTA IV. Better graphics, better mods.
bocajbee  +   1064d ago
GTA IV has better art/map design.

Saints row map: SQUARE, FLAT, SQUARE.

MooseyXTC  +   1064d ago
Both are terrible compared to the previous entries in the series.
LAWSON72  +   1063d ago
I am more into story and immersive worlds than over the top at just about everything. I am a huge fan of gta but as much as i love it consoles limited it and it being the first gta they made this gen made it even worse. I tryed sr 1 and 22 and i just cannot enjoy a game that does not take itself seriously at anything, imo it was just mindless. I am sure sr3 is probably technically better than gta 4 just because it is a bit newer and the devs had some experience with this gen.

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