God of War: Ascension Review [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote:

"The fourth entry in the God of War series on consoles, God of War: Ascension is a prequel to the first that deals with Kratos’ attempts to break free from his oath to Ares after being tricked into murdering his wife and child. Sony Santa Monica had a large undertaking before them in raising the bar for epic moments and set pieces after the jaw-dropping Titan levels in God of War III. With its genre-breaking, series-first multiplayer addition, does Ascension break the chains of expectations or belong locked away in the Prison of the Damned?…"

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masterabbott2015d ago

this is a game im going to be pick up when i get payed. looks great.

Ryder492015d ago

Wow, awesome review. I think this is the first God of War I've legitimately been interested in, well done good sir.

Might have to pick this up sometime.

militissanctus2015d ago

I've only finished the original God of War. ...would it be reasonable for me to play this and then go back to God of War 2 and 3?

ZacE2015d ago

Absolutely. It's funny, even though it's a prequel, it's almost as if it was meant to be played in that order.

coaidant2015d ago

8.5? Really? GoW series haven't changed at all, its the same game every time.

ZacE2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Obviously you didn't read the review because a) there have been multiple gameplay additions and control scheme changes and b) multiplayer... you're saying God of war has always had multiplayer? Doesn't sound like the same game to me.