Top 8 Events that Make Tomb Raider Seem Unrealistic

Most reviews around the internet describe the new Tomb Raider as a marvelous creation; one of the best action-adventure games ever made but nothing is truly perfect when it comes to video games. In fact, there are many events in the storyline that can decrease players’ immersion in the game.

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ShugaCane1984d ago

Top 1 reason that makes your article irrelevant : It's a video game.

Senyra1984d ago

If realism is irrelevant, why most games try to be as real as possible? Tomb Raider included.

ShugaCane1984d ago

Give me examples so I can give you a proper answer. You know, there's a difference between "realistic" and "believable".

Muffins12231983d ago

if it was realistic it would be boring as shit

Imalwaysright1983d ago

Rockstar tried a more realistic approach with GTA4 and, imo, the result was the worst GTA ever made including the ones with isometric view.

AKS1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

If they were trying to be as realistic as possible, odds are that Lara would be dead within the first few minutes of the game.

Games that attempt to approach reality are simulation games. Very few (proportionally, that is) video games are sims.

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Mqvlo1984d ago

Is a fact that the whole purpose of the graphical evolution of video games is to bring more realism, helping the player be immersed on proposed environment... that being said, when there are details (which could have been avoided without too much effort) that can take you out of that immersion, most players would see it as a big fail.

Senyra1984d ago

Yes, you're correct. Anything is believable in a video game, it's the virtual world where anything can happen but people tend to prefer what makes sense, otherwise why would companies care to apply a high level of realism to video games.

abc12331983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Just because companies want graphical realism doesn't mean that they want plot realism, that's the whole point of games, it's supposed to defy common sense. If everything in video games made sense then you'd either be playing a very long, boring game, or a very very short one where the character dies within 10 minutes.

Thatguy-3101983d ago

This article is irrelevant. Just like I defended Uncharted 3 with the whole airplane scene I will do so here too. It's simply for our entertainment. Look at a lot of action/adventure movies. The point is to just watch it and enjoy it. Not question every little thing and see if there is logic behind it.

NeoTribe1983d ago

If this game was realistic it never would have even happened. She would of died ten minutes into the game or just never went to the island. Thats real.

Irishguy951983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Uncharted 2 is often cited as favorite game of many.

+ reviews
+ awards

Over the top is ok.

Anyway, this game is REALLY Ott. I don't mind but anyone saying it's realistic? Seriously? She ran for like 10 minutes through multiple exploding buildings, and the last one collapsed under her as she was climbing it to jump to a helicopter at the top. Look it's 'gritty' and the tone of the game is realistic. But the action sequences are the way they are. Way over the top. Unbelievable and unrealistic. There are so many points in cutscenes even where you're thinking

"Broken back"
"Stomach must have ruptured"

She goes through have the game with a stab wound she receives right at the very start of it.

Again, not saying it's a bad thing, ott scenes one of Uncharted major strong points, they throw the cinematic events at you and Tomb Raider does them very well too imo. Want realistic, don't play an Ott action game. Play Arma or something.

@DarkSymbiote down there, they decided to be sadistic because Tomb Raider has always been that way. They only now have the graphical fidelity to show it well

x5exotic1983d ago

"I prefer GTA 4 to San Andreas because of the more realistic, restrictive gameplay"

Said no man ever.

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Senyra1983d ago

Have you guys played the game? Because it's quite realistic, specially with the camera effects.

Thatguy-3101983d ago

What does camera effects have to do with realism? But yea tomb raider like any other game including Uncharted aren't made to reflect reality. There might be small influenced here and there. What makes these games great and enjoyable us the fact that they make unrealistic things happen to a character that portrayed as an everyday regular person.

1983d ago
DarkSymbiote1983d ago

I agree with 1, 7 and 8. The game tries too hard to be Uncharted (irony) and I wonder why the developers decided to be so sadistic.

colonel1791983d ago

Actually one part that I found unrealistic was when Lara get's captured but they don't remove their radio and weapons. Later in the game they do, but the first time they leave her equipment with her.

Most of those points in the article are justified because it's a game. If I wanted to play exactly as real life, then I would go outside.

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