The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the Third HD Edition Set For June On PS3

Falcom will complete the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky HD remastered trilogy before the next game in the Trails series comes out.

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Bathyj1738d ago

Oh, TLoH:TitSt3rdHD. Nice.

kagon011738d ago

I hope is localized...

NeoBasch1738d ago

Now hopefully they put this on the PSN so XSEED has more reason to release this on PS3 and PSN.

wishingW3L1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Yakuza 5 will not be localized but this makes me happy. A truly old-school JRPG with HD sprites and everything! WOOOOOoooOOOoooooo

edit: only Japan though... Dammit!

Catoplepas1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

News like this really ruins my day.

I'd love to play it, but I realize the chances of a localization are slim to none.

It's the gaming equivalent of a prick tease.

Chrono1738d ago

XSEED should localize the second chapter first.