Let’s analyse Kojima’s Fox Engine - Looks (almost) like real life in new PS4 screenshot

Konami will be using the Fox Engine for PES 2014 and this new photo comparison shows the engine in action. To the right is a photo and left is a screenshot from Fox Engine. You can still see some apparent distinguishing features that gives the illusion away.

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NastyLeftHook01800d ago

ps4 is going to be the greatest console ever made.

Makasu1800d ago

At least the PS4 won't have the up hill battle of almost all developers hating the console this next generation!

Hydrolex1800d ago

"PS4 is going to be the greatest console ever made."

don't let excitement makes you say stupid things...

because PS5 will be better than PS4

NewMonday1800d ago

Eat your heart out David Cage!

Ezz20131800d ago

ok someone point me to which half of that photo is the real human and which half is the video game model

because I swear I can't tell

NewMonday1800d ago


the upper half :p

phallusitator1800d ago


After you actually look at the pic in the article you'll be able to tell. Hint: The real one doesn't have lines covering it.

NewMonday1800d ago

mix this up with with the face motion capture of LA Noir

Shadow Flare1800d ago

What the heck....i was looking at the picture for a full minute, thinking how good the fox engine looked but how it had some giveaways against the photo. Until I looked at the pictures tag line and realised the "fox engine" I was looking at WAS the photo and the one I thought was the photo was the fox engine

Flippin heck

Grap1800d ago

well definitely real life doesn't have pointy edges.

knowyourstuff1800d ago

@ Hydrolex ^
I agree that the PS4 will be the best one made THUS FAR, obviously anything after it like PS5 will be better.

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Vegetom1800d ago

This engine is multiplatform, you know that right? Or is this just a random fanboy reaction from you?

R_aVe_N1800d ago

It is called excitement for his prefered console big difference.... No need to bring fanboyism into it at all its not he said the next Xbox would suck.

abzdine1800d ago Show
Rainstorm811800d ago


Gears runs on the unreal engine..........O_O

Vegetom1800d ago

So R_aVe_N, it's ok if everyone just post comments like "ps4/xbox 720 is the best console ever" below every article, without any arguments? He doesn't even know what the next Xbox will bring..

kenshiro1001800d ago

We don't know if its multiplatform or not so stop speculating.

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user76939581800d ago

it seams like it..
PES14 will be the best Soccer/futbol game ever created!
I'm ready and i hope PES14 launch with the PS4!

SnakeCQC1800d ago

my money says it will be beaten by ps5

Eyesoftheraven1800d ago

I have a good feeling about this coming gen. Hopefully it surpasses the N64 - PS1 days. That was a great generation.

pissed9991800d ago

Pc's still better... so it doesn't really matter.

nosferatuzodd1800d ago

Yeah we all know pc is better master pc race or what ever you guys call you're self, but graphics doesn't mean anything if all you have is boring games to play all day.
I have a gaming rig and i still of to comeback and play god of war or gears of war even the new Supermario U is more fun to play than those boring graphics games graphics so sharp it cut you're eyes you elitist love so much

TXIDarkAvenger1800d ago


"...boring games to play all day." Yeah I highly doubt you play any PC games to make a statement like that.

_QQ_1800d ago

@nosferatuzodd, sorry if you only enjoy easy simple games, but some people actually like some complexcity and challenge in their games.

ATi_Elite1800d ago

remember that little game back in 2004 that started all this real time facial expressions and realistic facial emotions in Gaming that has lead to this picture and all the wonderful work in L.A.Noir and it's Facial Graphics.

Man what was the name of that little game? Life, Half, oh Half Life 2!

NeoTribe1800d ago

Half life 2 did nothing for anything. Lol you pc people keep usin that 20 year old ancient game like a life line. Half life sucks and looks like crap. Fact.

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Ezio20481800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Swear...! I have been impressed already by Crytek and Quantic Dream in Cryis 3 and Heavy Rain respectively but still, the rendering is unbelievable even at the early stage development! O_o

Looking forward to you, PS4!! :D

brich2331800d ago

They need to work on the hair and the ear, and eyes a bit. But otherwise , Lips ,Nose, eyebrow, Skin Color and texture looks like its real life counterpart.

sprinterboy1800d ago

agreed, you can clearly tell which is photo and graphics model, looks very impressive though but lets not get all bent

1800d ago
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