Video Game Pick 6: (Seemingly) Dead Exclusives Needed on the Xbox 720

Virtual Katz Writes: Here at the Cinematic Katzenjammer, we have a little segment called the Pick 6, in which we take 6 directors, actors, actresses, movies, etc. that we would like to see in a perfect world for a given topic. Since we are dawning upon a new era in video games, what better to start our topics than the only system that we know very little about to this point. The next Xbox, or the Xbox 720, will be revealing there system soon enough, but after the unveiling of the PlayStation 4 by rival Sony, Microsoft has their work cut out for them. The problem as the life of the Xbox 360 has continued is the lack of exclusives that have rattled the library of the system. While Sony has a bevy of tricks up their sleeve, Microsoft on the other hand has limped along, in terms of their own games, with only Halo and Gears of War in their hand. Sure you can point to games like Forza which has seen a recent title with Forza Horizon, but even that series is only on their fifth title in the series. Sony of course has titles of their own that have seen their fair share of releases like God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted, but all of those series have found ways to stay relevant. Halo has done a superior job at revitalizing the series with Halo 4, and while Gears of War Judgment will probably sell decent; I don’t expect to see anything earth shattering from sales figures. So what can Microsoft do to bring consumers to the Xbox 720 (what we’ll call it for now) and keep them away from the PlayStation 4? They can do the obvious and develop some new IP’s but here are 6 game franchises that have seemed to drop off the face of the earth that are due another release, and by that we mean exclusives of course.

Tomorrow will bring the PlayStation 4 List up for debate

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